Weapon choice is probably the most important aspect of gameplay in Free Fire. Picking the right weapon gives you a better chance in a fight. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 most underrated weapons in Free Fire Max 2022.

While the main version of Free Fire is banned in the Indian market, players can still access their accounts and play via the upgraded Free Fire MAX.


AR is probably the most popular gun class in Free Fire MAX. The reason behind this is probably their versatility - most ARs have solid ranges and decent damage. The FAMAS is a special case amongst AR, however, as the gun does not have the ability to fire automatically. Players can only shoot in three-round bursts.

Famas 4
FAMAS in Free Fire

This makes the gun pretty hard to use, as the user would always lose in a body shot damage contest. FAMAS users need to get headshots, which can be a challenge. However, if you have good aim, the FAMAS is actually super deadly with its high fire rate and accuracy.

2. Thompson (SMG)

SMG is the second most popular weapon class because they are just easy to use. Most of them are only dangerous in close to mid range fights, and in the class, MP5, MP40 and UMP are the most damaging.

Thompson in Free Fire

However, damage output is not everything. The Thompson has great all-rounder stats, with excellent movement speed and decent fire rate. It can be a great combat option if players cannot find the top 3 SMGs.

3. M60 (LMG)

All the other weapon classes in Free Fire are overshadowed by the SMGs and ARs, and because of that, Garena has been buffing LMGs for quite a few patches. Among them, the M60 is an excellent option, with its huge magazine capacity, fire rate and damage. Players can engage in combat continuously using the M60 without having to reload.

M60 in Free Fire

Players can also trigger its machine gun mode by crouching down, which allows the weapon to be even deadlier.

4. M1014 (Shotgun)

With the release of the M1887 and the MAG-7, the M1014 is no longer the best choice for shotgun players. Combine that with the occasional nerfs from Garena, the weapon's popularity has reached an all-time low.

M1014 in Free Fire

However, nothing has changed about the core gameplay of the M1014, and players can still deal a massive amount of burst damage in close range.

5. Desert Eagle (Pistol)

With the ability to carry 2 main guns, not many players bother using pistols in Free Fire. However, on the right hand, they can still be very effective. The Desert Eagle or DE is the most powerful weapon in the class, with the ability to deal as much damage as a sniper rifle bullet on a headshot.

Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle in Free Fire

If you cannot find the sniping weapon you need, the Desert Eagle can be a decent replacement option.

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