SMG is the most popular weapon class in Free Fire. They are easy to use and can dish out an incredible amount of damage at close to medium range. Despite the recent nerf in OB32, SMGs are still super useful.

Therefore, in this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 6 most powerful SMGs to use in Free Fire 2022.

1. Vector (Akimbo)

The Vector is the first Akimbo weapon in Free Fire, it has a short effective range, but devastating power in close range.

Free Fire Vector Akimbo
Kelly using the Vector Akimbo

Even after all the nerfs in previous patches, the Vector Akimbo is still super strong. With a fire rate of 81, the Vector is the second fastest weapon in the game, just a bit slower than the MP40.

2. MAC10

The MAC 10 with a built-in silencer is the newest addition to the SMG class in OB31. With its pre-attached silencer, MAC 10 users can easily backstab enemies without them realizing it.

Mac10 Free Fire

Stat-wise, the MAc 10 is a balanced weapon with good range, damage, and rate of fire.

3. MP40

The MP40 remains the fastest gun in Free Fire, with a whopping 83 in fire rate. Its recoil and damage are fairly decent, its range is abysmal and you can't equip a muzzle to fix that problem. If you are using the MP40, try to get a weapon stock for more range and an extra magazine to improve its spam ability even further.

 MP40 in Free Fire
The MP40 is a really popular weapon

4. UMP

The UMP is probably the best SMG stat wise, with decent damage, fire rate and accuracy across the board. However, its biggest strength is the ability to penetrate armor, allowing the weapon to retain its effectiveness even in the late game.

SMG in Free Fire
The UMP is the only SMG with the ability to penetrate armor.

It is vital to find a foregrip as soon as possible to increase the UMP stability.

5. CG15

The CG15 has the damage, movement speed and rate of fire similar to other weapons in its class, however, the other stats couldn't be more different. In exchange for 10-20 fewer bullets in a magazine, the CG15 has a much higher range, reload speed, and accuracy, akin to an Assault Rifle. This means you can just use the gun in place of an AR if you haven't found one yet.

Cg15 Crop1557158200793 Jpg 554688468
The CG15 can be a powerful sniper rifle in the right hand.

Attachment-wise, the CG15 comes with its own built-in scope, which is about x2 - usable for medium-range fights. The best feature of the CG15 is its ability to charge to fire a more powerful shot.

6. VSS

The VSS is even better at sniping than the CG15. With 82 range, you can use it the same way as any Sniper or Assault rifle. As it has a scope pre-attached, players can begin combat right away without any problem.

The VSS is weaker than a sniper rifle in damage only.

However, the VSS's DPS is not nearly as good as the usual sniper - it has as much DPS as an average AR.

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