The newest shotgun in the game, the Charge Buster, has steadily become one of the most popular weapons ever released in Free Fire. It is very different from the usual shotguns - players can charge the gun to release a high damage shot that can instantly kill any enemies.

However, using the Charge Buster is fairly tricky and might take a while to get used to. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to use the Charge Buster like a pro in Free Fire MAX.

Charge Buster Free Fire
A headshot from the Charge Buster can deal 247 damage, more than enough to kill even against helmets.

1. Pre-charge while moving

This is probably the most important thing that you should do while using the Charge Buster. If you think an enemy is likely to appear, pre-charge the gun first while moving is a great idea.

As the user is vulnerable while the Charge Buster is charging, it is best to jump around when encountering an enemy to throw off their aim. As soon as the player hits the ground, they can release their attack.

hold the button
It is possible to just hold the button and wait for the gun to discharge on its own while aiming.

2. Use D-Bee's ability

Having D-Bee's passive would definitely allow players to employ the moving while charging strategy more effectively. At max level, the skill provides 15% movement speed while firing alongside a whopping 45% increase in accuracy.

This allows players to zip around faster and have much less spread on their Charged shots, which is really important.

Alongside D-Bee, Hayato, Moco, and Chrono's abilities are also useful.

3. Headshot trick with Charge Buster

It is trickier to headshot with the Charge Buster in comparison with the normal shotguns, as players cannot use drag headshots.

It is important to constantly keep the crosshair at the enemy's head level at all times. This allows players to get a better chance of scoring headshots before releasing the fire button. It is best to practice moving while aiming at the same spot first.

Keeping the crosshair
Keeping the crosshair at the right level allows you to hit headshots easier.

4. Never charge in a predictable manner

The Charge Buster's charging time is a deadly weakness. Therefore, never charge the gun while running directly at the enemies, as they would have an easier time killing you.

Try to move around in an unpredictable manner or pre-charge behind a cover instead. Furthermore, a full charge is not necessary - it is important that you hit the enemy. Just release the charge if you are sure that your shot would connect.

5. Hit and run

It might be a good idea to just whittle the enemies' HP down with the Charge Buster then switch to another gun to finish them instead. This way, players should be able to surprise the enemies who are expecting them to use the Charge a second time.

Just release the charge at an enemy then run around while switching to a new weapon such as the MP40.

Getting a headshot
Getting a headshot with this gun is very important.

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