Clash Squad mode in Free Fire is a completely different game compared to Classic BR mode. In this mode, 2 squads with 4 members each would battle each other in a best of 7 series to find out the winners. Players can't loot guns - they have to buy them from the shop.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best guns to use in Clash Squad 2022, based on official stats.

1. Thompson

Despite being fairly underpowered in the normal Free Fire BR mode, the Thompson dominates in Clash Squad. It has a crazy fire rate which can allow players to get the upper hand in close range fights. The high fire rate also gives the user an easier time performing drag headshots.

Thrash Metallic Thompson

Very few players buy the gun in clash squad, however - they probably think that the gun is just as weak as its BR version.

Ranking factors:

  • Kill rate: 0.82
  • Purchase rate: 1.32%
  • Total kill percentage: 2.00%


  • Damage - 50
  • Rate of Fire - 78
  • Range - 24
  • Reload Speed - 48
  • Magazine - 42
  • Accuracy - 42
  • Movement Speed - 78
  • Armor Penetration - 0

2. UMP

UMP is pretty much the most popular SMG in Free Fire. It has the best overall statline, with a built in scope and fast movement speed. On top of that, it also has armor penetration and high fire rate, which results in great DPS overall.

Ump Wildeness Hunter

Having the maximum purchase rate on this list, there is a high craze for this gun among players in CS. Stat wise, the UMP has an impressive kill rate and total kill percentage.

Additionally, it is also very easy to use compared to the other weapons on this list. Try to fit it with attachments if you are going to stick with the UMP. A foregrip and muzzle are crucial, as the gun has a fairly high recoil and bullet spread.

Ranking factors:

  • Kill rate: 0.80
  • Purchase rate: 6.08%
  • Total kill percentage: 8.96%


  • Damage - 50
  • Rate of Fire - 74
  • Range - 24
  • Reload Speed - 59
  • Magazine - 30
  • Accuracy - 42
  • Movement Speed - 91
  • Armor Penetration - 54

3. Groza

Groza is possibly the most stable AR available in Free Fire. It is a fan favorite, with decent fire rate, damage, and accuracy. Additionally, the Groza also has decent armor piercing, making the gun useful against enemies with vests and helmets.

Groza Operano Sheng

The kill rate of 0.79 represents its lethality, while the purchase rate and the total kill percentage values indicate that Groza is an extensively chosen weapon in Clash Squad.

Ranking factors:

  • Kill rate: 0.79
  • Purchase rate: 4.21%
  • Total kill percentage: 6.10%


  • Damage - 61
  • Rate of Fire - 58
  • Range - 77
  • Reload Speed - 48
  • Magazine - 30
  • Accuracy - 52
  • Movement Speed - 63
  • Armor Penetration - 34


The FAMAS is pretty much one of the most buffed guns in the history of Free Fire. It is a unique weapon that can only fire in bursts of 3 bullets, which requires a lot of skill. Because of that, the gun is not purchased that much in Clash Squad mode, which results in a low total kill percentage.

Famas 4

FAMAS-II is the second level of upgraded FAMAS, which is even more potent in mid and long range combat. If players have some practice with the FAMAS, picking it up in Clash Squad might be a good idea.

Ranking factors:

  • Kill rate: 0.75
  • Purchase rate: 0.41%
  • Total kill percentage: 0.56%


  • Damage - 74
  • Rate of Fire - 72
  • Range - 64
  • Reload Speed - 48
  • Magazine - 30
  • Accuracy - 47
  • Movement Speed - 74
  • Armor Penetration - 0

5. Bizon

Bizon is Free Fire's newest SMG in this patch. It is a powerful weapon that specializes in close combat. Bizon has an extremely high rate of fire that can cause high damage, but with destructive damage also comes low accuracy. Players need to be careful in order to not waste their shots.

Nevertheless, an impressive kill rate of 0.73 indicates a high chance that users will eliminate a player if they purchase this SMG.

En 5

The best part about this gun is its ability to equip pretty much all attachments in the game. With the Muzzle + Foregrip + Stock combo, players would have no problem dispatching enemies in close and even middle-range fights.

Very few people purchase Bizon from the CS stores, as indicated by its low purchase rate of 0.94%. It is likely that they are not familiar with the weapon yet.

Ranking factors:

  • Kill rate: 0.73
  • Purchase rate: 0.94%
  • Total kill percentage: 1.26%


  • Damage - 54
  • Rate of Fire - 75
  • Range - 20
  • Reload Speed - 41
  • Magazine - 30
  • Accuracy - 17
  • Movement Speed - 91
  • Armor Penetration - 0

How to get the best gun combo in Clash Squad?

In Clash Squad, instead of picking guns off the ground, you would have to buy them in the shop at the beginning of each round. It is best to communicate with your team to see which gun they are buying - if you already have one or two snipers, it might be best to go with close-range weapons like a shotgun to cover them. Don't forget to carry utility items like medkit and gloo wall.

Shotguns, ARs and SMGs are the best choices in Clash Squad mode.

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