Free Fire is a popular battle royale game that offers a thrilling experience to gamers with its numerous exciting features. Players can equip various in-game items, including characters, weapon skins, and pets, to enhance their chances of winning. Among these, pets are companions that offer several useful abilities to players.

With over 30 different pets available in Free Fire's store, choosing the most suitable one for better results can be challenging for gamers, especially for experts. Therefore, this article discusses the top five ultimate pets for expert players in Free Fire.

1. Robo

Robo is a must-have pet for all Free Fire players, including experts. It comes with an amazing skill called Wall Enforcement, which increases the endurance of shields and gloo walls. At the pet's initial level, players get an additional 60 HP for these defensive structures, and upgrading it to the maximum level increases the cover for gloo walls to 100 HP. This extra durability is beneficial for players in open areas as it provides cover to heal or get to a safe position.

Pets Free Fire Robo

2. Rockie

Rockie is a fan-favorite pet in Free Fire, especially for gamers who prefer characters with active skills. Its Stay Chill skill reduces the cooldown period of the equipped active skill by 6%. By upgrading Rockie to the maximum level, players can reduce the cooldown period of that ability by up to 15%. With this change, gamers can use their character's active skills more frequently and wisely during the battles.

Free Fire Rockie Pet 1024x471 6bfb

3. Beaston

The Beaston pet is widely used by pro players for its ability to improve the efficiency of utilities. Its Helping Hand skill increases the throwing distance of various grenades available in Free Fire. At the pet's initial level, the skill enhances the range of a frag, gloo wall, flashbang, and smoke grenade by 10%. Gamers can further upgrade this pet to increase the throwing distance by 30%, offering an advantage to players looking to eliminate more enemies with utilities.

Beaston Free Fire Max

4. Arvon

Arvon is one of the newest pets added to Free Fire's pet section. It offers a very handy skill for expert players called Dinoculars, which allows the user to detect the enemy count in a 50m radius.

Players can unlock this pet from the in-game store for 499 diamonds. They can share the location of their foes with their teammates to eliminate them quickly. The skill has a duration of three seconds, which can be increased to six by upgrading the pet.


5. Detective Panda

Detective Panda is one of the top-rated pets in Free Fire, and its Panda Blessing skill is fantastic. This ability allows the user to restore their HP, which is very useful in close combat situations where a single HP can change the tide of a battle. At the pet's initial level, players can gain up to four HP per elimination. By upgrading it to the maximum level, gamers can restore up to 10 HP for each kill they make in a match.

Detective Panda

In conclusion, Free Fire offers a variety of pets with different skills and abilities, and choosing the right one is essential for expert players. Robo, Rockie, Beaston, Arvon, and Detective Panda are the top five ultimate pets for expert players in Free Fire. These pets offer unique and beneficial skills that can significantly improve a player's chances of winning matches.

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