Free Fire MAX and its original variant offer players an ever-expanding catalog of character abilities. With the inclusion of new skills in the game's recent OB39 update, fans are now curious about the best characters available in the game. Today's article will provide players with the top picks in Free Fire and Free Fire MAX after the OB39 update.

1. Xayne

the best female character in Free Fire and Free Fire MAX, received a rework with the OB39 update. Her active ability, Xtreme Encounter, is still one of the best buys in the game. Her skill offers a temporary HP gain of 50 points that degrades over eight seconds. During the activation period, her HP-healing effects also witness an upgrade of 75%. However, players will have to endure a cooldown of 75 seconds to use Xayne's Xtreme Encounter again during a match. Thus, she is ideal for Battle Royale.

Xayne's skill can change the tide of a losing battle.

2. Jota

Jota's passive ability, Sustained Raids, allows players to recover some health whenever they hit an opponent using guns. On top of that, it also ensures a 20% HP gain corresponding to the health bar whenever the user knocks down a foe. His ability to ensure players earn extra HP during a match makes him a top pick in both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX.

Jota is the favorite character of rush players.

3. Wukong

Wukong, aka the Monkey King, has one of the coolest abilities in Free Fire MAX. His active ability, Camouflage, allows players to turn into a bush for 15 seconds. During the activation period, they can move around with a 10% reduction in movement speed. Players can either stay in a bush for 15 seconds or revert to Wukong-form using their weapons. Thus, he is beneficial in executing surprise attacks during a match. However, his only con is the high cooldown time of 200 seconds, which makes him unsuitable for Clash Squad.

Wukong Free Fie
Wukong can surpeise the enemy with his skill.

4. Alok

Alok, based on Brazilian DJ Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo, has exceptional all-around capabilities. His ability, Drop the Beat, upon activation, creates a five-meter aura that enhances one's in-match movement speed by 15%. Its effects last for 10 seconds and also enable an HP recovery of three points/second. One cannot use both effects concurrently, as HP recovery only happens when Alok is at rest. Moreover, Drop the Beat has a cooldown timing of 45 seconds, which is decent compared to other FF and FF MAX abilities. Thus, Alok, due to his balanced skill set, is a top contender to become the best character.

Dj Alok
DJ Alok is amazing in combat

5. K

Captain Booyah, aka K, will remain one of the best characters in Free Fire/Free Fire MAX unless Garena changes his primary skills. His skill, Master of All, is more than enough to define his capabilities on the ground, as players can get an advantage with the two following skill modes:

  1. Jiu-jitsu Mode: Allies, who stay within the six-meter range of K, get a 600% increase in their EP to HP conversion rate.
  2. Psychology Mode: There is a continuous EP recovery of three points every 2 seconds until 220 EP.

As EP, second only to HP, is crucial for survival, K becomes a vital character to use during a Free Fire MAX match. His mode-switch cooldown of three seconds is an additional plus point that many players can get. With this ability, you never have to worry if you can't find enough healing while looting.

Free Fire Captain Booyah Character
K has an amazing healing capability

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