Free Fira is all set to launch its OB40 Advance Server on May 19, 2023. The test server will remain active until May 29, 2023, allowing players to try out the new features that will be introduced via the next update. Fans are eagerly waiting for the Advance Server to begin, and some of the content that will be present in it has already been leaked by VIPClown, a popular data miner.

According to VIPClown's post on Instagram, Free Fire OB40 Advance Server will feature a new character named Sonia and a new mode named Metropolis. As expected, Sonia will be the center of attention among players, as new characters are always exciting. However, the post has not provided any specific details about her ability and nature.

Ob40 Free Fire
The Free Fire OB40 leaks a new cyborg character called Sonia and a new Metropolis mode.

New Free Fire Metropolis mode

On the other hand, Metropolis will be a fun mode that divides teams into two sides: Division and Prison. Players will be able to explore and find more specifics regarding both of them upon the launch of the Advance Server on May 19, 2023.

It's important to note that not everyone can access the OB40 Advance Server. Only those who are offered an Activation Code after registration can get into it. Like most of the previous Advance Servers, the OB40 one will only be accessible to Android users.

New Sonia Free Fire Character

Sonia is the latest character in Free Fire. She is a cyborg with the description:

“A ruthless artificial intelligence in search of truth. She believes she understands humans better than anyone else, and wants to transform them through nanobiotechnology, making the future less painful and suffering.”

Currently, there has been no information about Sonia' skill in Free Fire yet. But it is safe to assume that she will be a very powerful character that can shape the new meta in Free Fire.

Sonia Free Fire
The upcoming Sonia Free Fire Character

About Free Fire Advanced Server

Advance Server is a special client that Garena releases prior to the official update to try out the upcoming content and make any changes if required. These test servers usually commence 10-15 days before the update's actual release and allow a limited number of users to gain access to the special features.

Advance Server Acrtivation Code Cover
You need activation code in order to join the Advance Server of Free Fire

The OB40 Advance Server is not only about Sonia and Metropolis mode. Players can expect various other new features, such as weapons, skins, and other in-game items. The Advance Server is a great opportunity for players to test the new features and provide feedback to the developers.

Only Android users who get the Activation Code will be able to access the server, which will remain active until May 29, 2023. So, mark your calendars and get ready for the exciting new content that Free Fire has to offer.

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