Wuthering Waves iris flower is a local specialty that is an essential character ascension material. You need a great amount of this collectible flower to ascend two powerful characters currently. Check out all Wuthering Waves iris locations and usages below.

What Is Iris In Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves' Iris is the native plant in Whining Aix’s Mire. This floral species has four blue large petals covering five small light blue petals and a yellow pistil. Moreover, you can see them light up at night.

This flower represents broken or concealed affection. Iris flower habitats in such an extreme area with continuous thundercloud storms, so it has a shorter flowering period than other plants.

Wuthering Waves Iris Flower
Iris Flower glows at night.

Wuthering Waves Iris Locations

As the native flowering plant in Whining Aix’s Mire, Wuthering Waves' Iris can only be farmed in this area. Check out all Wuthering Waves iris flower locations below and mark them on your minimap.

#1. Fallen Grave

Most of the Wuthering Wave Iris flowers grow in the north of Fallen Grave. You can find many iris flowers around the whirling circle of the storm. Then, head east to the Court of Savante Ruins and expand the farming route to the northwest to Lollo Warehouse to farm more flowers.

Thw Wuthering Waves players at Union Level 25 and above must complete the 'Stygian Lacrimosa Exploration' quest to stay unaffected by the storm.

Fallen Grave
Wuthering Waves Iris map in Fallen Grave

#2. Lollo Warehouse

Lollo warehouse has a resonance beacon on the southern side. From this beacon, you glide south along the mountain cliffs to collect six iris flowers. Five of them grow on the left and one flower grows on the right cliff.

#3. Mourning Aix

Use the resonance beacon in the northeast of Mourning Aix to reach the locale of six iris flowers quickly. Let's go around the mouth of the cavern to collect six flowers.

Lollo Warehouse And Mourning Aix
Lollo Warehouse and Mourning Aix

#4. Waving Battlefield

Waving Battlefield is another Wuthering Waves iris location with six flowers to collect. From the resonance beacon in the northeast, you go south to pick four flowers. Then, head west to collect two other iris flowers. You will cross another resonance beacon when going west for the rest iris plants.

Waving Battlefield
Wuthering Waves iris locations in Waving Battlefield

#5. Shifang Pharmacy

Wuthering Waves players can also purchase iris flowers from Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou. You are allowed to buy 15 flowers once which costs a total of 3,000 Shell Credits. Come back to the pharmacy when the flowers are restocked.

Wuthering Waves Shifang Pharmacy
Buy flowers at Shifang Pharmacy.

How To Use Wuthering Waves Iris

Wuthering Wave Iris flowers are essential ascension materials for two existing Resonators, namely Taoqi and Calcharo. You may need more flowers for future Resonators in this game. That's why you shouldn't ignore this flower whenever you see it on your exploration trip around the map.

Iris In Wuthering Waves
Wuthering Waves Iris flowers are resonator ascension materials for Taoqi and Calcharo.

Stay tuned for further Wuthering Waves map guides on Gurugamer.com. There are many other resources to farm for your Resonators.

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