DJ Alok is among the most popular Free Fire characters thanks to his special ability called Drop the Beat.

Characters in the game own special skills. However, those of DJ Alok is a notch above the remaining. His ability for healing constantly increases HP during the fights and it also enhances movement speed allies, giving them a big advantage on the ground.

Meanwhile, Free Fire itself is globally thriving and new users are partaking in the game as each day passes by. While newbies might get confused while they purchase characters, we highly recommend that they choose DJ Alok for the best results.

Free Fire Character Dj Alok
If you are a FF player, you should know why you should buy DJ Alok in Free Fire for the best outcomes.

If you are wondering why is that so, here are the main reasons why you should buy DJ Alok in Free Fire.

1. DJ Alok’s ability

Skill: Drop the Beat

Ability type: Active

Dj Alok Drop The Beat
The active skill Drop The Beat of DJ Alok makes him the best choice for players.

Drop the Beat is the active ability that envelops the name of DJ Alok. It produces a 5m aura which boosts teammates’ movement speed by 10%. Moreover, it also regenerates 5 HP/s for five seconds.

At his highest level, which is Level 6, Alok’s ability can improve ally movement speed by 15%  while healing 5 HP/s for 10 seconds.

2. His versatility on the ground

Another reason why you should buy DJ Alok in Free Fire is his undeniable versatility. When it comes to flexibility, no character may dethrone Alok as he is suitable for both aggressive and passive gaming styles.

Dj Alok 2
His versatility is without a doubt unmatched.

For the unknown, Clash Squad mode’s aggressive players can enable his movement speed and healing bonus while running towards opponents. Passive players, meanwhile, can make use of their skills to get out of any combat or to heal faster amidst a fight.

Alok’s skill also matches mid, close, and long-range fights.

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3. Perfect for any skill combo

The last but not least reason why you should buy DJ Alok in Free Fire right now is that he is the best option for every skill combination. The character’s movement speed and healing skills substantially complement other characters’ abilities.

Dj Alok Skill Combo
He also makes a powerful factor in every skill combination in the game.

For instance, a combination of Hayato, Moco, Jai, and Alok will be extremely useful for the Ranked mode as well as Clash Squad one.

Moco will mark opponents for a certain period of time when they get shot. Jai would automatically reload particular weapon categories’ ammunition. On the other hand, the ability of Hayato will boost armor penetration while Alok would heal players and increase their movement speed.

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