The character system is one of the unique features of Garena Free Fire that continuously draws in gamers all around the world. With a collection of over 30 characters, it brings a new, refreshing touch to the Battle Royale scene. Apart from Adam and Eve, each one of them owns a special ability that could turn the tide of the fight. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to take some time and familiarize yourself with the characters in order to pick out a suitable match.

dj alok artwork
DJ Alok is on the top-tier picks in Free Fire

However, there are still some picked more often than others thanks to their powerful abilities. DJ Alok definitely belongs to this category, courtesy of his unique skill - Drop the Beat. Let’s break it down to learn why ability earns him a solid spot among the power picks in Free Fire. 

DJ Alok’s Skill Analyzation

As we mentioned above, Alok’s unique skill is called “Drop the Beat”. It creates an aura that increases ally movement speed and replenishes HP in a 5-meter radius. As the character levels up, his ability’s power also enhances. At the maximum level, the aura increases the movement speed by a whopping 15% and restores up to 5 HP for 10 seconds.

dj alok music
Alok owns a powerful skill

How to Purchase DJ Alok in Free Fire

DJ Alok is currently on sale in the store for 599 Diamonds. He also has an exclusive character outfit set named the “Beat Composer”. You can also acquire the set from the store. If you haven’t had Alok in your collection yet, follow these steps to get him in Free Fire:

  • #1: Open the Free Fire application on your device. Visit the in-game Store via the icon located on the left side of the main screen
in game store free fire
Access the store from the main screen
  • #2: Select the “Character” tab and find DJ Alok
Free Fire Clu Alok Buy
Buy DJ Alok from the store
  • #3: Click the purchase button; a pop-up should appear, confirm the purchase to continue