One of the best and most unique features in Free Fire is the Character system. Free Fire has over 40 unique characters, each with its own story and skill. You can bring up to 4 character skills with you into battle ( 1 active and 3 passive).

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This is why choosing your skills combo is a very crucial aspect. A good skills combo will increase the effectiveness of all the skills. In this article, we will show you the 3 best skill combinations that you should use to push rank.

1. Alok + Moco + Laura + Luqueta

Alok has been one of the most sought-after characters in Free Fire ever since his release. His skill, Drop the Beat, creates a 5 meters circle that increases the healing and movement speed of all allies inside it for 10 seconds. Moco's skill can track the enemy she shot, which allows you to trace them down using the speed of Alok.


Laura increase your accuracy when scoped in, which is really helpful in mid-range and long-range flights. Lucretia gives you more max HP to give you a clear upper hand in combat.

2. K+ Miguel + Antonio + Joseph

K is a special character in Free Fire with a skill that lets you switch between 1 in 2 modes. One mode will automatically regen your EP up to 150 while the other mode allows you to consume EP quickly. With Miguel, you can use the second mode more often. Also, the max EP of K is 250 so he can make full use of the EP gained from Miguel's skill.

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Antonio's max HP and Joseph's speed make you even harder to kill and much more mobile in combats.

3. Chrono + Shirou + Caroline + Jota

Chrono is one of the newest characters in Free Fire and is also the most OP one. His skill creates a shield that absorbs 600 damage from all directions while he can still shoot other players outside the shield. Chrono also gains a huge speed buff while the shield is active.

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Shirou's skill lets you track the enemy who shot you and give your next shot on that target 100% armor penetration. Combine with Chrono, you will have a perfect counter-attack combo that will make the enemy regret attacking you first.

Caroline and Jota will provide your movement speed and healing as your most used weapon will be a shotgun to make use of Shirou's skill.

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