Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale titles in the world with millions of players. The game was released by Garena in 2017 for Android and iOS. Into the game, 50 players will jump into a big abandoned island to collect weapons, items, and fight until there is only 1 survivor left. With the 1/50 odd of winning, it is really hard to win a match unless you are really good.

Garena Free Fire
Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale titles in the world with millions of players

Free Fire also features a ranked mode for players who has the same skill level to play against each other. The ranked mode is obviously harder as you have to face people who are just as good as you. That being said since there are 50 players per match so you will not always get matched with people with the same skill level all the time. Sometimes, the lobby will be filled with bots and noob players, which will get you a lot of free ranks.

In this article, we will show you how to get noob lobby in Free Fire in Ranked mode so you can rank up easily.

How To Get Noob Lobby In Free Fire In Ranked Mode?

Tip 1: Unequip and equip your pet

By unequip and equip your pet, you will trick the system to think that you have no pet and you will be matched with players who also don't have pets, who are also likely to be new players. You might also want to remove all your fancy cloth and bundle as well.

How To Get Noob Lobby In Free Fire
Your pet and outfit might affect what kind of players you will be matched with

Tip 2: Play with low-rank players in your team

Having 1 or 2 very low-rank players in your team will drag down the average rank of your party and thus you will be facing squads with lower ranks and skills. You should also set them as the leader of the party.

It is actually easier to kill several low-skill players than one high-skill player. If the other player has low enough rank, you will even encounter a lot of bots in the lobby as well.

 How To Get Noob Lobby In Free Fire
Having a newbie or low-rank player in your party will help you matched with low-skill players

Tip 3: Don't invite your friends

Playing with a friend is great because you can communicate and understand during combats easily. However, playing with a friend also means that you are likely to face people who are playing with their friends as well. So if you want to get in the noob lobby then you might want to play alone or with random players.

Still, if your friends have a great synergy with you, it is a better choice to have them on your team.

Tip  4: Play at the right hour

Most Free Fire players play during the afternoon and the evening. These are the times when most people are free so the server will be mostly full so it is easy for Free Fire to match you with people who have the same rank and skill. Based on my personal experience, there are the fewest players on the server in the morning because that is when people go to school and go to work. If you play from 4 AM to 9 PM, there is a great chance that you will get into a lobby full of bots.

How To Get Noob Lobby In Free Fire
Playing during the 4 AM to 9 AM period to get more bots in your matches

How to spot a bot in Free Fire?

Bots are AI-controlled players that have very low skill so any player can easily kill them. They are spawned randomly on the map when the match doesn't have enough players. Here are all the signs that will help you distinguish a bot from a player:

  • Bots never use grenade or Gloo Wall. They can only use weapons.
  • Bots never use emote.
  • Bots will always stand still while they are shooting.
  • Bots appear randomly around players so you will never see them coming.
  • Bots cannot use character skills.
How To Get Noob Lobby In Free Fire
Bots are AI-controlled players in a match and they are really easy to kill
  • Bots don't drive vehicles.
  • Bots don't have pets.
  • If the zone is closing, bots will always run inside the safe zone.
  • When a player disconnected in Clash Squad and Clash Squad Ranked, a bot will take their place.
  • 2 bots will attack each other if they are nearby.
  • Most bots have very low skill levels so it is almost impossible for them to kill a player.

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