Free Fire has a unique character system that sets it apart from other titles. The game has more than 40 different characters, each with a different skill that will help you in combats. There are skills that help you increase your damage, running speed, and healing HP and EP.

In this article, we are going to gather around the top 5 characters in Free Fire with the best healing skill.

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5. Notora

Notora is a tomboy girl who is a part of a motorbike gang. Her skill is called Race’s Blessing, which heals the HP of all allies who are in the same vehicle as her. At the max level, her skill will heal all the players who are in the same vehicle as her for 5 HP every 2 seconds.

Notora Free Fire

Notora is quite an underrated character. She is actually very helpful in Squad mode, especially when your team is far away from the safe zone. Her skill is also a passive skill, which means you can use it with many other good active skills. Her skill also doesn't any limit or cooldown at all.

4. A124

A124 is a combat robot with an active skill called Thrill of Battle. Her skill when activated will increase her EP consumption rate and heal faster. At the max level, she can turn 50 EP in HP quickly. This skill gives A124 a great advantage in 1 vs 1 combat. Combine with characters like Miguel, you will never run out of EP to use.

New Character A124 E3f8 1

However, A124's skill is an active skill and it has a big 90-second cooldown. You will have to calculate to use her at the right time instead of just using the skill whenever possible.

3. Alok

Alok is one of the best characters in Free Fire. His skill is called Drop the Beat, which creates a circle that increases the movement speed and HP of all players inside. At the max level, Alok can heal 5HP/sec for 10 seconds for all players inside the circle. The movement speed buff is also a great bonus if during combats for planking and rushing.


2. Skyler

Skyler is one of the newest characters in Free Fire. He is a CEO and a famous musician. His skill is called Riptide Rhythm. The skill when activated will release a shockwave that destroys all Gloo Wall in its path. The skill also has a passive component that gives Skyler HP regeneration whenever he places a Gloo Wall. At max level, the regeneration will start from 9 points and provide him a great amount of HP. You can pretty much treat your Gloo Wall like a better Med Kit.

Freef Ire Skyler 1 7e0d

1. K

K is a character based on the Indian-American DJ KSHMR. His skill is called Master of All, which allows him to switch between 2 modes. One mode will passively increase his EP until 150 while the other mode allows him to consume EP at a 500% rate. His Max EP is also increased to 250.

K will pretty much provide you infinite healing with the first mode and quick healing with the second mode that makes him extremely hard to kill combats. There is no doubt K has the best healing skill in the game.

Kshmr Free Fire E1600870053593

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