Free Fire is known to have many events for players to have fun and earning free rewards in the game.

The Holi Festival is coming and Free Fire has gotten everything ready to celebrate it. For the festival, there will be a bunch of events for players to join, play and earn rewards.  The event will have many stages that unlock under certain conditions.

Let's check out this article to learn how these events work and how to earn rewards.

Fight For Colours Event

This event starts on March 15 and lasts until March 28. In the event, players must complete missions on each node of a path.

Tutorial Fight For Colours Freefireholi Garena Fre
Choose a path in the Fight For Colours event and complete the mission on each node

By complete these missions, you will get free rewards, including the exclusive Punkster Runner Bundle, which you can claim on March 28. These missions are really simple and you can complete them just by playing the game normally.

Tutorial Fight For Colours Freefireholi Garena Fre
You will get the Punkster Runner Bundle on March 28 when you completed the Fight For Colours event

Players can choose whichever path they want and they can change the path at any time. The progression on each path will retain even if you change the path.

There is a Global progression bar on the main event page. When his bar is filled, the Restore The Colours event will be unlocked.

Complete All Holi Events Missions In Few Minutes F
2 other events will be unlocked when certain milestones of the Fight For Colours event are achieved

The Your True Colours event will open when certain milestones of the Fight For Colours event are achieved. More information about the event will be revealed later. Follow Gurugamer to catch the latest news about Free Fire.

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