To celebrate this year's Holi, Garena Free Fire brings in the exclusive Fight For Colours Event. Don't miss your chance to win exclusive rewards including the Lvl 8 card, Awakening Shard, Punkster Runner bundle, and more!

Fight For Colours Event 1
The Event Has Already Started

Fight For Colours Event in Free Fire

The Fight For Colours Event kicked off yesterday in Free Fire and will conclude on March 29, 2021.

During the event, survivors have to complete individual missions to fulfill their personal path. As players progress through the event, it will reward them with numerous prizes.

Fight For Colours Event 7 Day Rewards
Check In For Free Rewards

Players can change their paths at any time. Just tap on the starting point of the desired path to change the course. If you change your mind, there will be a pop-up to make sure you're certain about the choice.

Note: The Punkster Runner Bundle will only be available on March 28, 2021.

Different Paths and Rewards

Here is a list of missions and their rewards on each path:

Red Path

  • Travel 5000m in-game - Gold x200
  • Revive 2 Teammates - Armor Crate
  • Kill 3 enemies - Bounty Token
  • Play any game (3 times) - Universal Fragment x500
  • Booyah in BR rank mode - Character Lvl 8 card

Yellow Path

  • Kill 1 enemy - Gold x200
  • Play BR Rank game - Armor Crate
  • Survive 7 mins in BR mode twice - Scan
  • Play 2 squad BR games - Pet Food
  • Win CS rank mode twice - Awakening Shard
  • Play any game - Gold x200
  • Kill 5 enemies - Armor Crate
  • Survive 7 mins in BR mode twice - Scan
  • Booyah in BR mode - Universal Fragment x500
  • Deal 2000 damage to enemies - Pet Food
  • Win in CS mode twice - Summon Airdrop
  • Revive 5 teammates - Punkster Runner Bundle
Fight For Colours Event 2
Fight For Your Color

Blue Path

  • Play BR rank game - Gold x200
  • Revive 2 teammates - Leg Pockets
  • Kill 3 enemies - Scan
  • Travel 5000m in-game - Universal Fragment x500
  • Play with friends twice - 5x Warrior Spirit FAMAS Box x5

Green Path

  • Play CS rank game - Gold x200
  • Survive 7 mins in BR mode - Resupply Map
  • Play BR rank game - Bonfire
  • Kill 3 enemies - Universal Fragment x500
  • Play game with friends twice - 5x Maniac MP40 Box