Free Fire City Open 2021 Mumbai Finals is going to be held later today on July 6. The top 12 teams of the Mumbai region will compete against each other for the title of Mumbai Strikers, Regional Champion. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about the Free Fire City Open Mumbai finals.

Free Fire City Open Mumbai Finals
Free Fire City Open Mumbai Finals

Qualified teams for Free Fire City Open Mumbai Finals

  • 4 Unknown- Galaxy Racer
  • Underworld
  • Yakuza SENIORS
  • Eyes Esports
  • Faulty devils
  • Greedy Hunters

Team Im'thepro has been disqualified from the Mumbai finals due to one of the players sharing their account with another user. This is severely restricted in Free Fire tournament rules, as players can use that to play for multiple teams.

The next best squad, Faulty Devils, is going to replace Im'thepro in the Mumbai Finals. Galaxy Racer is the favorite to win in this tournament - along with the two squads from TSG gaming.

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Schedule, Format, and Prizepool

Free Fire City Open's City Qualifiers is going to come to an end very soon. This is the first time Garena used this format in the Free Fire India Esports Circuit. The cities were picked based on votes from fans.


Free Fire City Open 2021 Lucknow Finals will be streamed live at 6:00 PM IST on July 6 on Free Fire India Esports' Facebook and YouTube channel, along with the Booyah App.


The Mumbai finals consist of 6 matches, as usual. 2 matches will be played on each map of Free Fire. The winner of the Mumbai finals will get a direct ticket to the National Championship, while the 2nd to 4th spots will play the regional Play-ins qualifier.


  • Winner (1st Place) - 1,00,000 INR  and Qualification to National Championship
  • 2nd Place - 50,000 INR and Qualification to City Play-ins
  • 3rd Place - 25,000 INR and Qualification to City Play-ins
  • 4th Place - 25,000 INR and Qualification to City Play-ins

Unlike the usual Free Fire tournaments, teams below 4th spots won't get any reward at all.

Results of Free Fire City Open Regional Finals so far

6/8 Free Fire city open regional finals have been completed so far, with six squads getting the direct invite to the Nationals. The Free Fire National Championship will take place on August 15.

The winners of previous city finals were:

  • Delhi Titans: Team OP defeated accomplished squads like Godlike, LVL iconic, and Last Breath to directly qualify for the national finals.
  • Kolkata Kings: seasoned veterans like Sixth Sense and Assassin Clutchgods were surpassed by the underdog Head hunters, who won in Kolkata.
  • Hyderabad Nawabs: Captains demolished the other squads in the Hyderabad finals, gaining a huge lead over all other teams.
  • Ahmedabad Lions: Zero Degree came out on top in the Ahmedabad finals, with only 4 more points than the 2nd spot
  • Chennai Conquerors: Jallikattun TN won with a fairly convincing lead: 38 kills and 85 points, 10 more than the runner-up Slumber Queen.
  • Lucknow Warriors: AFF Esports claimed the top spot with a respectable 34 kills and 90 points, 9 more than the 2nd place.

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