Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile with hundreds of millions of players. Apart from the battle royale mode, the Clash Squad mode is also very popular among Free Fire players. In Free Fire Clash Squad game, 8 players split into 2 teams of 4 players. The team that wins 4 rounds first wins a match. Players have to buy their own weapons and the map in Clash Squad is much smaller.

Clash Squad
The tense multiplies when it comes to Free Fire Clash Squad mode.

It even has a Ranked mode for players to compete and get various rewards. One way to climb rank easily in Clash Squad is by making use of hidden spots. These are spots that people often never look at as they are unusual and almost impossible to reach. In this article, we are going to show you the top 10 Free Fire Clash Squad hiding places to reach Grandmaster.

1. The Circuit

In the Circuit, you can get on the top of the roof of buildings by settings up Gloo Walls on the audience seat.

Free Fire Clash Squad Hidden Places
Players will need some Gloo Walls to climb to the roof.

You can jump between the roof of buildings here using Gloo Wall. It is impossible for the enemy to see you from the ground. Meanwhile, you can still take them down easily.

Free Fire Clash Squad Hidden Places 1
The best place to be in The Circuit

2. Sentosa

You can climb on this tree near the fence in Sentosa with the help of 2 Gloo Walls. The tree is a little curved so you can totally jump on it and stay there.

Free Fire Clash Squad Hidden Places 2
Climb the tree using some Gloo Walls!

3. Nurek Dam

There are small edges outside of stairs in Nurek Dam that you can stand on. The enemies won't be able to see you even if they are right on the stair. You can do a surprise attack from here and take them down easily.

Free Fire Clash Squad Hidden Places 3
This is the perfect hiding place in Nurek Dam if you are playing Clash Squad.

4. Confinement

In the confinement, you will find a broken truck with a large trunk. You can get into this trunk and make it your fortress. Your body will only show a little during fights, which is a huge advantage.

Free Fire Clash Squad Hidden Places 4
This trunk in Confinement is a great place to stay.

5. Command Post

The roofs of buildings have always been the best Free Fire Clash Squad hiding places since you will have the high ground with better vision while the enemy cannot get close to you. In Command Post, you can do this by building some Gloo Walls to get to the roof.

Free Fire Clash Squad Hidden Places 5
Make a little bridge using gGloo Walls to get the roof.

6. Clock Tower

In the Clock Tower area, there is a big mansion. You can climb on the roof of this mansion easily by going to the top floor and climb out the window. You can easily dominate the whole area up here. This is one of the best Free Fire Clash Squad hiding places in Clock Tower.

Free Fire Clash Squad Hidden Places 6
You can scan the whole area from here.

7. Mars Electric

In Mars Electric, you can hide behind gas tanks on the edge of the map. From here, you can have a good overall look at the map. This location has many gas tanks for you to move around and change position. It is also at the edge of the map so you don't have to worry about being flanked.

Free Fire Clash Squad Hidden Places 7
These tank in Mars Electric is a place to stay.

8. Samurai's Garden

In the mysterious Samurai's Garden, you can jump on the roof of a 2 stories building by using 2 Gloo Walls. Just go to the balcony and stack up 2 Gloo Walls like in the picture below to climb up.

Free Fire Clash Squad Hidden Places
Just a little bit of work and you will get to the roof.

9. Mill

In Mill, there is a way for you to get to the roof of the highest building using a few Gloo Walls. Just stack them up like in the picture below and you will be able to jump onto the roof. You can do this right at the beginning of a match safely. You can have the vision of the whole map to take down whomever you want.

Free Fire Clash Squad Hidden Places 9
Yo are going to need 4 Gloo Walls, but it is worth climbing all the way there.

10. Factory

In the Factory area, with the right angle, you can jump on a ceiling. Here, you can have a good look at the whole Factory and kill players below you. Most players won't even where you are when they got shot from here.

But the problem is that you can't leave this place unless you jump down. You will be in big trouble if the enemy knows your location.

Free Fire Clash Squad Hidden Places 10
The enemy will never see this coming.

Above are all highly recommended places to hide during a Clash Squad game. You can refer to the video below for more lively illustration.

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