The New Beginning update has rolled out, bring in the long-awaited Bermuda 2.0 to Free Fire players. Bermuda 2.0 is the revamped version of Bermuda, featuring new graphics, items, buildings, and locations.

There is a total of 4 new locations in Bermuda 2.0, Academy, Hydrapower, Fisherman Creek, Samurai's Garden. Among these 4 locations, Samurai's Garden is the most beautiful place as it is a small island, separated from the main island. Instead of normal buildings, the place is filled with traditional Japanese houses and cherry blossom trees.

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All the secrets of the new Samurai's Garden in Bermuda 2.0

Hayato's family is the owner of this island

It is quite easy to guess that this was the village of Hayato as he is a samurai as well.  But Hayato's family was not a normal samurai family. They bring a curse from generation to generation that makes them stronger while costing them their sanity.

 Free Fire Hayato Story Eeff
Hayato's family bears in them a secret power that makes them stronger at the cost of their sanity

Because of this curse, the family got broke apart all over the world and the village was abandoned. You can check out this article for more details about the story of Hayato: Free Fire Hayato Story And Skill Explained - What You Need To Know About This Cursed Legendary Samurai In Free Fire

Whoever reaches the top of the hall will get a blessing

Most building in the Samurai's Garden only has one or 2 floors. But there is a temple in the village that has 3 floors and it is the only one. However, there is no stair to go to the third floor of the building. Legend says that whoever can reach that floor will bet a secret blessing. No one knows what it is because no one has ever made it.

Free Fire Smaurai Garden
This is the only building in Samurai's Garden that has 3 floors