Chrono is a new character in Free Fire who has arrived recently in the latest update. Here are some tips and tricks to use and master this new character shared by pro players. Check them out below.

5 Tips To Use Free Fire Chrono

Here are some pro tips and tricks to master the new character Chrono to get Booyah in Free Fire.

  • Use The Shield As A Cover: This new character has a special ability called "Tuned Shield". This skill lets you create a shield protecting you from the enemy's bullets from your toes. Therefore, you can combine a Gloo wall and this shield to stay safe from enemies from different directions.
Use The Shield
Use The Shield Of Chrono To Keep You Safe
  • Use Chrono for House Rushing: This character is useful for house rushing thanks to his defensive and offensive ability. Especially, the shield can save him when he falls into an ambush of house campers.
Use Chrono Sbility To Rush The House
Use Chrono Ability To Rush The House
  • For Cooked Grenade: When the enemy is going to throw a cooked grenade towards you, activate this skill to open the shield. When the enemy throws it, the shield can prevent explosion damage. Moreover, the grenade can be rebounded to the enemy. Then, it can even kill the enemy with his grenade.
The Shield Can Protect You From Grenade
The Shield Can Protect You From Grenades
  • Speed Up: Chrono can speed up to run faster than other characters in Free Fire. He can chase and keep pace with and even surpass DJ Alok when he starts after this character. It's a huge advantage when you can catch the enemy and shoot him down or escape when you are not ready for combat.
Chrono Can Run Faster Than Other Characters
Chrono Can Run Faster Than Other Characters
  • Loot A Crate: The shield is also useful to protect you when you loot the death crates. In this shooting game, you can be an easy target when looting the death crate. But this shield can keep you safe.