Free Fire is an interesting battle royale game for mobile. It has three battle royale maps for the classic mode. Here are things you need to know about the battle royale mode in this game.

Battle Royale Mode In Free Fire

Free Fire has three classic maps in the battle royale mode, including Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalhari. In this game mode, there are 50 players landing on one of three maps. Then, players will loot weapons, ammo, and other necessary supplies.

Free Fire Plane
The plane will drop you at an isolated island

It offers a big collection of weapons, such as pistols, shotguns, SMGs, ARs, and SRs. You can loot most of these weapons on abandoned compounds on the map. However, the best weapons of each category are only spawned in the airdrop crate.

Run Around To Loot
You Run Around To Loot Weapons, Bullets, And Supplies.

Moreover, the play zone will shrink gradually until the end of the match. If players are outside the play zone, they will get damaged by the electric zone until they die outside the play zone. This BRG also allows players to loot medkits, first-aid kits, and medicines to heal.

Eliminate Enemies
Eliminate Enemies And Try To Survive

You can choose to play in one of three modes: solo, duo, or squad. Then, you have to find a way to survive on that map, eliminate enemies to become the last survivors. Bermuda is the most popular and favorite classic map in the battle royale mode. It's a large map with an area of 4km x 4km.

Free Fire Game Mode
Choose classic maps to play the battle royale mode.

Garena Free Fire team didn't give any information about the size of the two other maps, Purgatory and Kalahari. Besides, Garena Free Fire also introduced a lot of characters with different abilities for defending or attacking. To play the battle royale mode in Free Fire, you choose the classic map in the mode selection section and tap on the Start button in the lobby.