Jai is a Free Fire character who was designed based on the famous Indian Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan.

Just recently, Free Fire announced that the Jai character will be leaving the game on July 31 temporarily for a "special mission". Before he leaves, Free Fire has a small Jai's Farewell celebration so all players can try out the characters and get some free rewards.

Hrithik Roshan And Free Fire
It seems the collab contract between Free Fire and superstar Hrithik Roshan is coming to an end.

Free Fire Jai's Farewell Event

Log in and get Jai character for free

The Free Fire Jai's Farewell Event starts from July 19 to July 24. Log in to the game during the event to claim Jai character for free for 7 days.

Free Fire Jai Event
Free Fire Jai's Farewell Event

Jai's Farewell web event

There will also be a Jai's Farewell web event for players to get Jai's outfits and a Jai Gloo Wall skin or Jai character. Complete mission to get Magainze Tokens. There are 4 daily missions:

  • Play any game - 1 Magainze Token
  • Eliminate 5 enemies in BR mode - 1 Magainze Token
  • Win a CS match - 1 Magainze Token
  • Play 100 minutes- 1 Magainze Token

There are also 3 Event missions:

  • Use Jai to play 10 games - 3 Magainze Tokens
  • Use Jai to eliminate 10 enemies - 3 Magainze Tokens
  • Share the campaign and get 1 player to click on the link - 1 Golden Magazine Token
Jai Web Event
You have to choose between 1 of the 2 prizes

The Golden Magainze Token can be used to get a permanent Jai character or a Gloo Wall Justice Fighter skin.

Jai's Party event

On July 24, the Jai's Party event will open. In this event, the player can earn a Golden Crosshair token by using Jai characters in 5 games. You can use this token to exchange for 1 permanent gun skin in the event out of these 4 gun skins:

  • AK Justice Fighter
  • AWM Justice Fighter
  • M60 Justice Fighter
  • UMP Justice Fighter
Jays Farewell Event Free Fire
Jai's Party event

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