Nearly a year after his introduction to the Free Fire roster, Jai is saying his farewell at the end of this month. Garena has officially announced today that Jai won't be available in the shop anymore. The game publisher also hinted at a possible chance to acquire the character for free in his farewell party. Here's what you need to know about Jai character's retirement in Free Fire.

Free Jai Character In Free Fire
Jai's journey with Free Fire has come to an end.

Jai Character To Be Removed From Free Fire In-game Store 

Fans of the Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan won't be able to purchase his character from the in-game store. Starting from 31st July, which is the end of this month, Jai will no longer be available. Here's the announcement on Free Fire's official social media handles:

"Survivors! We are very sad to announce that Jai will be leaving for a top-secret mission and will no longer be available in Free Fire."

This news may come as rather shocking to Free Fire fans around the world. This is the first time a collaboration character gets removed from the game. But put that aside, we still have something to look forward to. Free Fire is brewing a proper farewell party for Jai character. So, if you haven't owned him just yet, this will be the chance for you.

Jai Character Removed
Jai is leaving the battlegrounds on a secret mission.

Note: Players who own Jai can continue to own it and use the character normally in-game.

Jai Character in Free Fire

Jai is a fictional character in Free Fire, inspired by Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. Roshan is a well-known star, if not one of the most famous national crush in India thanks to his impeccable dancing skills and dashing looks. In Free Fire, Jai owns a passive ability called Raging Reload. After taking down an enemy, Jai immediately reloads his gun's magazine by 10% of its capacity, up to a total of 25%.

Free Fire Jai 1
There will be a chance for you to own Jai for free.

It's a shame that future players won't be able to acquire or play Jai character in Free Fire. But this also makes old accounts more valuable! Stay tuned for more information on Jai's farewell party.

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