Free Fire is now dominating the mobile Battle Royale scene with a dynamic player base and a thriving eSports environment. But as more and more people come to enjoy the game, things start to fall off their orbit. Cheating and hacking have become Garena's prime concerns with Free Fire. So, the game developers and publishers adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards cheaters. Anyone who fancies the idea of messing with the game gets a permanent ban.

Hack Ban Free Fire 3
It's impossible to hack undetected.

So, what are the most likely ways to get yourself banned from Free Fire? Here are three things you should never do.

Using Diamond Generators

Yes, we understand the appeal of these self-claimed Diamond generator tools and websites. They say they can give you Diamonds for free, who wouldn't love that idea? But sadly, there's no such thing as free Diamonds. No Diamonds, but you will get yourself banned.

Diamonds Generator Free Fire
None of the Diamonds Generators works.

By using illegal generators to get free Diamonds, you're risking your privacy and data. Apart from privacy invasions, this also violates Garena's terms and policies, which results in a permanent Free Fire ban. Try to find other legitimate ways of earning Diamonds. You can take part in the current "Sign-up & Win" event on the BOOYAH! app for a chance to get 100 Diamonds.

Using Modified APK Files

It's not hard to find all kinds of modified APK files for the Free Fire on the Internet. From the look of it, these seem to be the ones that give players all the controls and advantages over other users. But before you decide to download and use one of them, please remember that APK mods also count as cheating. Garena can easily trace you down and ban your account.

Free Fire Mod Apk Benefits
Steer clear from the modded APK files.

So, if you want to play Free Fire, download the game from authorized app stores such as Google Play Store, iOS App Store, Xiaomi's Mi Store, or OPPO App Market. Other illegal distributors will collect your personal data while getting you banned from the game.

Hacking And Cheating

Last but not least, it's the problem that drives many players away from the game. Hacking and cheating have always been a major issue with Free Fire. There are hacking apps and mods that provide Flying hacks, aimbots, movement hacks, and everything in between.

Ban Notice Web
Keep a fair environment for yourself and other players.

Well, it's selfish to ruin others' experience with the game just to have some fun for yourself. Apart from a certain ban from Garena, hackers will also put themselves at risk of losing private information. Also, Garena can now ban hacking devices so that you cannot install Free Fire on the same devices ever again.

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