Garena Free Fire has gone a long way since its initial release back in September 2017. In just 4 short years, the game has managed to take the world by storm with intense fast-paced action and continuously refreshed content. We also have to credit the immense growth of Free Fire's community to content creators. They're the middlemen between the game officials and the broad audience, bringing both entertainment and skills to the table. 

B2k Face
B2K (Born2Kill) is a famous Garena Free Fire player.

Out of all the content creators out there, Free Fire B2K may be one of the most popular. The young player made a name for himself with nearly god-like AWM plays and lightning-speed hands movement. If you're a fan of Born2Kill (B2K), then this is a must-read! Check out everything you need to know about the prominent Free Fire content creator right here!

Who is B2K Free Fire?

Fans of the world-famous mobile Battle Royale game Free Fire may find Born2Kill a very familiar name. He’s one of the best, if not the best, AWM users ever known in the entire game. You can check out tons of his highlights where he dropped enemies from miles away. Those insane plays earn B2K the title of  “King of AWM” in Free Fire

B2k Free Fire
B2K is dubbed as the "King of AWM".

Free Fire B2K real name is Moez Mansouri. The young gamer was born in Tunisia and currently resides in Kasserine City. The Arab-speaking young player decided to build a YouTube career with Free Fire content sits in the front and center of the channel. Apart from Free Fire, he does play other mobile BR games and shooting games as well, all to a god-tier level. 

Free Fire B2K YouTube Career

Born2Kill owns one of the biggest Free Fire YouTube channels on the face of the Earth. His main channel currently has 7.72 million subscribers and counting. B2K also owns three other YouTube channels under his name with another 1.5 million subscribers in total. From the last time we mentioned him in our article, B2K's YouTube channels have nearly doubled in size! That's quite impressive growth. 

B2k Cover
This guy rarely plays a game with less than 10 kills.

On the main channel, most of Born2Kill's content is related to Garena Free Fire. There are countless highlight videos with 20 kills or more in every single match. This man surely knows how to play and satisfy his fans. Several other shooting games also appear on the channel. The notable titles are PUBG Mobile, Valorant, and Call of Duty: Mobile.

In case you want to check out B2K's highlights, he has a channel just dedicated to that purpose. So, knock yourself out!

List of Born2Kill's YouTube Channels:

Born2Kill’s Social Media Accounts

The famous content creator of Garena Free Fire is active on many social platforms. Most of the followers are fans who come to discuss with one another of the same interest. Born2Kill also shares his content via these channels. If you find his sniper plays amazing, definitely head to the following accounts and give the creator some love. 

B2k Free Fire 2
Born2Kill has exploding YouTube channels with nearly 9 million subscribers combined!

Unfortunately, Born2Kill isn't a guy who shares a lot about his private life on social media channels. You will see just a few pictures of him then and there, but that's about it. Fans can follow him at the handles below:

  1. Born2Kill Facebook Fanpage
  2. Born2Kill Instagram
  3. B2K Instagram account
  4. B2K on Twitter

B2K Free Fire ID, Setting Options, And More

Born2Kill uses several different accounts to play Free Fire and record videos for his channels. The latest Free Fire ID that B2K uses is 320653047. The account is named 'J.U.4.N'. Previously, it was "THE^^FATHER”.

B2k Free Fire 3
Born2Kill never records with the facecam on.

Born2Kill's Free Fire Sensitivity Settings

So far, Born2Kill has not yet released an official video to share his sensitivity settings with fans. However, we still manage to rack up some information on how he sets in-game controls for Garena Free Fire. Here are B2K's Free Fire sensitivity settings:

  • General: 79
  • Red Dot: 45
  • 2X Scope: 45
  • 4X Scope: 46
  • AWM Scope: 15
B2k Setting
B2K's sensitivity settings

Born2Kill's Free Fire Stream Set Up

In terms of equipment, B2K uses a computer to play games and creates content for his YouTube channels. It's much easier this way. Plus, he will have more flexibility when it comes to recording and uploading. Using an emulator, he can play every mobile game on his PC with ease. Here are the specifications of B2K's system:

  • CPU: Intel i7-8750H @ 2.20Ghz
  • GPU: RTX 2080 Max-Q with 8GB GDDR6 VRAM
  • RAM: 24GB DDR4 - 2,666MHz
  • Hard Disk: 1TB M.2 PCIe x4 SSD
  • Screen: 17.3-inch Full HD
  • Android emulator - BlueStacks, Tencent (Gameloop)

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B2K's Free Fire Stats in July 2021

Lifetime Stats

So far, Born2Kill has played a total of 5911 squad games in his Free Fire account and has won 1196 of them. That translates to a win rate of 20.23%. The skilled gamer nets himself 34656 kills to secure a K/D ratio of 7.35.

Regarding the Duo mode, B2K has played 2071 games and claimed 364 victories for a win rate of 17.57%. He manages to garner 7909 kills to his name, owning a K/D ratio of 4.63.

Free Fire B2k Lifetime Stats
Free Fire B2K Lifetime Stats

Born2Kill has only played 1344 solo matches and has won 165 of them, securing a 12.27% win rate. When it comes to the solo K/D ratio, he earns a 3.69 score with over 4317 kills.

Ranked Stats

Fans of the famous content creators may be wondering what rank is Born2Kill currently on. Surprisingly, he has not been playing many ranked games recently. The content creator may be focusing on creating and recording videos for his channel. So far, he has only taken a handful on ranked matches in Solo, Duo, and Squad. 

Free Fire B2k Ranked Stats
B2K's Ranked Stats in Free Fire

In the total 244 ranked matches that Born2Kill has played, he won 40 of them. His KD/A is still insane, though. This guy has sent 1473 enemies to the ground to maintain a fantastic ratio of 7.22.

It seems like the Ranked Mode isn't Born2Kill's favorite. And that's understandable. His style is more aggressive and skilled-oriented than what you typically see in ranked games. Players who grind ranks always try to survive the longest, while B2K just wants to get the most kills possible. He may make mistakes and get caught out in the process.

B2k Full
You can catch B2K's live streaming sessions on Nimo TV. He plays Free Fire for most of the time.

That's everything we have for you today on Free Fire B2K. All in all, he's a formidable young player with a knack for getting kills in the game. For more updates on Born2Kill as well as Garena Free Fire, visit our website at

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