Free Fire just can't stop rolling out new events for players to get the latest skins and bundles. The most recent event that they just released is the Fantasy Hacker Store event. The event features a new bundle called the Golden Sunrise Bundle. Let's check out and see how this event works and how to get the Golden Sunrise Bundle.

Fantasy Hacker Store
Free Fire Fantasy Hacker Store event

Free Fire Fantasy Hacker Store event

The Free Fire Fantasy Hacker Store event starts from July 17 until July 25.

The event features a total of 12 prizes. When you first enter the event, you can choose 6 prizes that you want to spin for. The other prizes will be put into the bonus prize pool.

The prizes you choose will end up in a Purple pool while the other will be in a Yellow pool.

Free Fire New Fantasy Hacker Store
Free Fire Fantasy Hacker Store rewards pool

There are 2 options for you to spin: Purple spin (9 Diamonds) and Purple + Yellow spin (19 Diamonds). The cost to spin will be more expensive after spin.

The Purple spin will get you 1 random reward from the Purple pool while the Purple + Yellow spin will get you a reward from each pool.

The reward you spin on will no longer be in the pool. You are guaranteed to get all the rewards after 6 spins.

Golden Sunrise Bundle
You can get the Golden Sunrise Bundle after 6 spins

Here is the list of all rewards in the Free Fire Fantasy Hacker Store event:

  • Golden Sunrise Bundle and Pharaoh's Wing
  • Luqueta character and Wiggle
  • Mechanical Wing and Goddess of war surfboard skin
  • 5x Dragon Fang (M1014) and 5x Venomous Fang (M1014)
  • Wasteland M1014 box and Wilderness Hunter UMP box
  • Scan Playcard and Bounty Token Playcard

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