What is Free Fire Lite and how to get Free Fire Lite version download for Android? Being one of the most trending games in India and many other developing countries in the world, Free Fire outdid other titles of the same genre for being friendly and compatible with many low-end devices. However, the app still has minimum requirements that players with low RAM and memory space devices might experience lag and crash while playing the game.

Being introduced as the solution for low-end players who are tired of lag and app crush, Free Fire Lite quickly went viral among the Free Fire gaming community as the new hope for many players. While many people have been searching for the Free Fire Lite version download on the internet, many others remain skeptical about it. Is it true that Free Fire Lite can help players reduce storage space, lags, and crash? Is it an authorized and legal app from Garena? How to get a Free Fire Lite version download? Keep reading to have things being cleared!

free fire lite version download

What is Free Fire Lite

Earlier this year, the news that the lite version of Garena Free Fire has been leaked on the internet has taken the gaming community by storm. Being introduced to be a toned-down version of the original battle royale game, Free Fire Lite is only 180MB in size while Free Fire takes up to more than 500 MB in the device storage. In addition to that, the new version is likely to be more compatible with low-end mobiles as the developers made changes in the graphics and removed unnecessary features.

Meanwhile, Free Fire Lite has the same concepts and basic features as the original version. Therefore, players can enjoy the battle more easily without worrying about their phone’s poor performance. So how to download Free Fire Lite and what players need to know about this app, find down the answer right below!

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Free Fire Grenade
The Lite version is said to have similar features as the original one

Free Fire Lite version download

First of all, please note that the app you need is a third-party app that is unauthorized by Garena Free Fire and you might face some risk for downloading and using the app. It is unavailable on the official app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store so that you cannot find a Free Fire Lite download Play Store so the only way to do it is to download the APK and OBB file and install the app manually. You can find the files easily on the internet by searching the key Free Fire Lite APK 2020.

Just like many APK files, to install Free Fire Lite on an android smartphone, you will need to download 2 files including the APK and OBB files.

Open the APK file and allow the app to run on your device. You should also allow turn on the 'Install from unknown sources" mode in the Settings to allow the installing from a third-party app.

Open the File Manager, go to Android/OBB and paste the OBB file of Free Fire Lite into this folder.

After completing all the above steps, you're now able to launch the Free Fire Lite app and experience your favorite game without lags.

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There is no such ap like Free Fire Lite available on Google Play Store

Free Fire Lite version download: The risk is bigger than you think

As mentioned above, Free Fire Lite version is a third-party app that is not developed by Garena. Just like many unauthorized third-party apps like Free Fire Lite download PC or Free Fire Lite download Jio, players might end up in unexpected trouble so please consider all the pros and cons carefully before getting Free Fire Lite version download into your phone.

According to Garena, Free Fire Lite is listed as one of Free Fire modified versions that are considered cheat apps and banned from the game. It means that any players who are found using a third-party app will face the risk of being banned from the game permanently. As the anti-cheat system of Garena has been improved and updated regularly, there is no way to avoid the threat.

In addition to that, when downloading apps which are unavailable on Google Play Store, users also put themselves at risk of losing data and personal information as this unknown app can contain virus and malware. It also has the permission to access your gallery, contacts, and other important information.

Instead of getting Free Fire Lite version download to reduce lags, players can improve the capacity of their device by cleaning up the storage and delete background apps while playing. In addition to that, you can also tone down the graphics settings of the game. This helps to improve the quality of your gameplay while keeping you safe from involving in troubles with illegal third-party apps.


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