Top-up events have become an essential part of Garena Free Fire. A new one will almost be immediately revealed after an event completes and these events offer players free rewards that they usually have to buy with diamonds.

The Ancient Persia top-up event has currently kickstarted and it gives players a special loot box as well as an exclusive gun skin. So let’s hesitate no more and check out how to get Persia Prowess G18 in Free Fire now.

Ancient Persia Top Up Event
Get the new gun and loot box in new Free Fire event.

How to get Persia Prowess G18 in Free Fire top up event

Beginning on July 21st, the latest top-up event will be available in Free Fire till July 27. In order to collect Persia Prowess G18 and Wooden Horse Loot Box, you will need to buy a specific number of in-game diamonds. Below are the details for each item:

  • Persia Prowess G18: Top up 500 diamonds
  • Wooden Horse Loot Box: Top up 100 diamonds
Persia Prowess G18
Persia Prowess G18 is a sought-after gun in the game.

Note: the Ancient Persia top-up event is technically free as gamers do not have to spend diamonds to get the items. However, they need to roll out real-life money to top these required diamonds up.

How to top up diamonds in Free Fire

To get the free items, you must purchase diamonds from either of these sources: Free Fire store, Games Kharido, Codashop. These are the most recommended options when it comes to topping up diamonds.

Follow these simple steps and you’re in:

1. Hit the diamond option on the top side of your screen.

Top Up
Follow these simple steps to top up diamonds and get your rewards!

2. Multiple options for topping up will show up on the screen. What you need to do is selecting the number of diamonds you desire. Then, finish the transaction by making your payment via your preferred method.

3. As the top-up is successful, manually collect the rewards. Players can go to the events section and click on "Ancient Persia Top UP."

4. Now, you may click “Claim” which is next to the corresponding items to obtain them.

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