Free Fire developers are constantly adding new skins to the game - from characters, weapons, surfboard... and more. Spending diamonds are the most common way to acquire them, as most of the time they are not given away for free.

However, Garena also releases various redeem codes so that players can get some rewards at no cost at all.  This article will list the new set of Free Fire redeem codes released by the developers for India. They can be used on Free Fire's Rewards Redemption Site.

1 - Free Fire redeem codes for July 22

Overall, both crates are outstanding. The Death's Eye crate can give you the Death's eye AK skin. It is one of the most powerful in the game with fire rate++. The Underground Howl, on the other hand, has excellent shotgun skin. The M1014 Underground Howl has damage++, which makes it one of the most damaging weapons in the game.

  • Redeem code: FFMCF8XLVNKC
  • Rewards: 2x Death's Eye Weapon Loot Crates
Deaths Eyes
Death's Eyes weapon set

Note: This code is for the SG (Singapore Server) server only.

  • Redeem code: FFMCVGNABCZ5
  • Rewards: 2x M1014 Underground Howl Loot Crates
M1014 Underground Howl

While having massive damage potentials, shotguns are often underestimated in Free Fire because of their low range. Amongst them, the M1014 is the strongest and most popular. It is one of the two automatic shotguns in the game.

The Underground howl is a super strong skin, as it has a ++ bonus on damage. This makes the M1014 Underground Howl one of the most damaging weapons in the game.

How to redeem Free Fire codes:

You can't use Free Fire redeem codes in-game - they must be redeemed using a special website. Below are the steps needed to activate the codes:

  • Visit the official Rewards Redemption Site for Free Fire.
  • Log in using the social media account associated with your Free Fire account.
  • Copy/Paste the above codes into the text field and tap Confirm.
  • If you are successful, the items will be sent to your in-game mail in 24 hours.

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2 - Google Play redeem code for July 22

Below are the new special redeem codes for Google Play. Therefore, you need to redeem this on the Google Play Store instead of the Garena Free Fire redemption center.  Players can get Free Fire cosmetics and more!

  • DA4ND75PA90SX2W9
  • KJXZDF64BE489VY8

Note: each code can only be activated a limited number of times. If they do not work, it is likely that other people have already redeemed them past the limit.

Free Fire Top Up Google Play
Google Play Codes are very different from Free Fire redeem codes

How to redeem Google Play codes:

  • Select and copy the Redeem codes above
  • Open the Google Play Store app on your device and navigate to the Payments and Methods section.
  • Choose Redeem codes and paste the codes into the blank. Select redeem.

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