Free Fire is a popular battle royale game on mobile with many new and frequent updates. Each update brings many new changes to the game along with many new cosmetic items for players to obtain.

The OB28 update just hit the main servers of Free Fire. We can expect that there will be a ton of new bundles, skins, emotes, skins in this update as well for players to customize their character. In this article, we are going to make a list of all Free Fire OB28 bundles, skins,and emotes.

1. Free Fire OB28 Bundles

Rampage 3.0 Bundles

First, we are going to take a look at the hottest Free Fire OB28 bundles, the Rampage 3.0 Free Fire OB28 bundles.

In the Rampage Legion event from June 9 to June 15, players can spin and get 4 bundles as the Grand Prizes:

  • Hunger Strike Bundle
  • Venom Touch Bundle
  • Plague Phantom Bundle
  • Famine Felon Bundle

In this event, players have to spin with Diamonds to get a chance to earn the Grand Prize. After 120 spins, you get a bonus of choosing any prize for free.

Free Fire Rampage Legion
Free Fire Rampage Legion events feature 4 bundles as the grand prize

The Rampage 3.0 event starts on June 16. It features 4 Legendary bundles that represent 4 heroes in the store of the event.

  • Shadow Shaker Bundle: Players can get this bundle for free when the event starts. All they to do is log in to Free Fire and complete certain simple missions. This is the best bundle in Free Fire OB28 you can get for free.
Free Fire Rampage 3 0
Free Fire Rampage 3.0 Shadow Shaker Bundle
  • Vermilion Bird Bundle: This is the only female bundle in the Rampage 3.0 event. It is currently not released yet and its name might be different,
Vermilion Bird
Free Fire Rampage 3.0 Vermilion Bird Bundle
  • Azure Dragon Bundle: This seems to be the rarest bundle in Rampage 3.0 event. It is not clear how we can get it yet. It is currently not released yet and its name might be different,
Azure Dragon
Free Fire Rampage 3.0 Azure Dragon Bundle
  • Frost Sabertooth Bundle: The Frost Sabertooth bundle is now available in Therion Wheel in the Luck Royale. Players are guaranteed to get the bundle after 8 spins.
White Tiger
Free Fire Rampage 3.0 Frost Sabertooth Bundle

Gold Royale Bundle

The Gold Royale has reset in the OB28 update with a new Grand Prize, the KeyBoard warrior bundle. Players can get one spin for free in the Gold Royale each day. They can also spend Gold to spin.

Keyboard Warrior Bundle
The Keyboard Warrior Bundle in Gold Royale Free Fire

Diamond Royale Bundles

The next Diamond Royale will feature 2 new bundles, the Scarlet Groom male bundle, and the Ruby Bride female bundle.

Free Fire x Street Fighter V bundles

Free Fire is having an upcoming collaboration with Street Fighter V. The collaboration will bring into the game 2 bundles of Chun Li and Ryu, the 2 most iconic characters in the Street Fighter series.

FF Token Bundle

The Girl Next Door female bundle has been added to the FF token shop in Free Fire. Players can obtain the whole bundle by spending 250 FF tokens for 5 pieces.

Girl Next Door Bundle
The new Girl Next Door female bundle in the exchange shop

Incubator Bundles

These 4 new Free Fire OB28 bundles will be featured in the next Incubator. There are a total of 8 ninja bundles with 4 colors Orange, Purple, Blue, Yellow, for both male and female characters.

Other bundle leaks

Apart from the above bundles, there are a few other Free Fire OB28 bundles that will be released in the future.

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2. Free Fire OB28 Emotes

The McLaren top-up event is featuring a Win and Chill emote that you can get for buying 500 Diamonds in Free Fire.

Free Fire Win And Chill Emote
Free Fire Win And Chill Emote

There are also a few other emotes that will be released later in the Rampage 3.0 event. You can check out the video below and see their animations.

3. Free Fire OB28 Skins

Car skins

There will be a total of 4 Free Fire x Mc Laren car skins. 3 of them will improve the different stats of your cars. Only the McLaren Helios is released so far. You can get it from the McLaren top-up event by buying 200 Diamonds.

Backpack skins and Gloo Wall

These are the backpack skins and Gloo Wall skins in the Free Fire OB28 update.

Surfboard and Glider skins

We are going to have a mechanical flying horse as a glider skin and a pack of wanted flyers as a surfboard skin.

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