Recently, there has been a trend where people would show a blank nickname in Free Fire. It is actually impossible to do that unless you know a few tricks. If you are curious and want to know how to make a blank nickname in Free Fire then head down below.

When you first entered Free Fire, you will get to choose a unique nickname for yourself. You can change this name later if you can get a Name Change Card or spend 390 Diamonds. Since this name is your identity in Free Fire, everyone wants their nickname to look cool.

Free Fire
Every player wants to show their unique style in Free Fire.

How to create an invisible name in Free Fire?

The process of making a blank name in Free Fire is not that hard, but I will need you to follow these steps carefully.

Step 1: Copy the space inside these square brackets [ㅤ]

Just do a long press on the space inside and then tap copy.

Step 2: Open NotePad and paste the space there

You can download and install a NotePad app .

Open the app, create a note and then paste the space into the note.

Free Fire Invisible Name Step 2
You need to paste it into a NotePad app

Step 3: Open Small Text Generator and type any name 

Go to the Small Text Generator website and type in any name. It doesn't matter what name you type because the final result will be blank anyway. Keep it short with about 3 to 4 letters.

Free Fire Invisible Name Step 3
Any name would do it

Step 4: Copy the Superscript text and paste it into NotePad 

You will find a Superscript text of the text you typed in on the bottom of your screen. Copy it. Now, open NotePad and paste it on the line under the previous space.

Free Fire Invisible Name Step 4
Copy the superscript text into the NotePad

Step 5: Split the name

To have a blank nickname in Free Fire, you have to split the name. You need to make every word of the name the first word in each line. See the picture below.

Free Fire Invisible Name Step 6
Spread out the word like this

Step 6: Select and copy everything

Don't forget to copy the space on the top as well.

Free Fire Invisible Name Step 7
Copy the entire text, including space

Step 7: Change your name in Free Fire and paste it in

The hard work is done now. All you have to do is paste the text into the box when you change your name in Free Fire. Your nickname will show nothing at all.

That's the guide to create blank nickname in Free Fire. Should you find this post useful, visit our website often for more.

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