Free Fire recently just announced the collaboration with the famous German car manufacturer McLaren. The Free Fire x McLaren collaboration will bring new events and some super cool car skins to the game. Moreover, according to leaks the car skins from this collaboration will even improve your stats.

Free Fire x McLaren Car Skins Leak

The Free Fire x McLaren will introduce a total of 4 McLaren 570S car skins, in parallelism with 4 variations of the car model. The skins will be named McLaren P1™ with 4 colors gold, purple, orange, and green.

#1. McLaren P1™ Gold

  • Damage -
  • Maximum Speed +
  • Durability +

The McLaren P1™ Gold reduces the Damage while increasing the Maximum Speed and Durability of the vehicle. With this skin, your car will move faster and have more HP, making it safer for you to travel around the map. This is one of the best Free Fire x McLaren car skins.

Free Fire X Mclaren Mclaren Car Skin Yellow
McLaren P1™ Gold skin

#2. McLaren P1™ Kyanos

  • Damage -
  • Maximum Speed +
  • Damage Reduction +

The McLaren P1™ Kyanos reduces the Damage while increasing the Maximum Speed and Damage Reduction of the vehicle. You will less likely to get killed while driving with the Damage Reduction. That being said, it is not easy to aim at a driving player in the first place already so it is not that useful.

Free Fire X Mclaren Mclaren Car Purple
McLaren P1™ Kyanos skin

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#3. McLaren P1™ Papaya

  • Acceleration ++
  • Damage Reduction -

The McLaren P1™ Papaya gives a big Acceleration boost while reducing the Damage Reduction stat. Unless you are in a race, you should never use this skin at all.

Free Fire X Mclaren Mclaren Car Skin Orange
McLaren P1™ Papaya skin

#4. McLaren P1™ Mantis

  • No ability

Finally, we have the McLaren P1™ Mantis skin and it is the only skin in this collection that doesn't have any stats.

Free Fire X Mclaren Mclaren Car Skin Green
McLaren P1™ Mantis skin

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