Free Fire characters play a significant part in battles as they own unique skills that can benefit users in beating their foes on the virtual battleground.

In total, the famous game currently has 39 characters and features both female and male avatars. The female characters not only strike an impression for their cool looks but also for their skills in the game.

This article is dedicated to those who want to learn about the best female characters in Free Fire in June 2021.

1. A124

A124 is a robot in the modern-day who has an active ability named Thrill of Battle. At the base level, the ability can convert 20 EP into HP within 4 seconds. Its cooldown time is 10 seconds.

Free Fire A124
Free Fire A124 has never disappointed with her extraordinary powers.

Also, her ability improves as she gets on with more levels. A124 is beneficial in the Clash Squad matched and Classic Ranked fights in Free Fire.

2. Moco

Another name among the best female characters in Free Fire as of June 2021 is Moco. She owns a passive ability named Hacker’s Eye. Her power tags shot enemies at level 1 as well as share their spot with the teammate for two seconds.

Moco 2
Moco is also a female character in Free Fire you cannot overlook for your gameplay.

Moreover, as Moco levels up, her tag length and skill enhancement also boost.

3. Steffie

This character owns a skill called Painted Refuge. At the default level, Steffie’s skill makes up the graffiti that lowers bullet damage by 5 percent and explosion damage by 15 percent for 5 seconds. Her cooldown time is 45 seconds and the effect doesn’t stack.

Steffie 2
Steffie's ability is suitable for both aggressive and passive players.

Like other female characters, Steffie’s ability advances as she gets on higher levels via the game. It is in fact a great skill for both aggressive and passive players.

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4. Laura

Sharp Shooter is the passive skill that Laura owns. When users cope in or make use of the ADS, the skill would amplify every weapon’s accuracy by ten.

Image 2 Laura Character In Free Fire F30a
You can't skip Laura either.

Her skill enhances the accuracy of a weapon as she goes to another level. Laura also gets buffed in OB28 update, which makes her more attractive to Free Fire players in 2021. This character is ideal for beginners and also advantageous for those who are into snipping.

5. Shani

Shani is also among the best female characters in Free Fire for a reason. Her passive ability is called Gear recycle which regains 10 armor durability post each kill. This is only at Level 1, for your information.

Shani is among the top 5 best female characters in Free Fire.

The extra durability can upgrade the armor of players to level 3.  Meanwhile, the character is an excellent pick for Clash Squad players as her ability hikes up when she reaches higher levels in Free Fire.

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