The aesthetic side of Garena Free Fire makes it one of the most appealing Battle Royales titles on the mobile platform. The game offers a wide selection of cosmetic items, such as character bundles, emotes, weapon skins, and more. With every new update, the collection gets a little bit bigger. Just a few days ago, Garena dropped a new one - Therion Wheel, with the Grand Prize being the Frost Sabertooth bundle in Free Fire.

More interestingly, players actually have a chance to get this exclusive bundle for free! Let's go over how you may be able to do that!

About Therion Wheel Event in Free Fire

The Therion Wheel event is one of Free Fire's many gacha-based events, much like the Luck Royale. In this line of events, players have to spend currencies (Diamonds or Gold Coins), or vouchers to draw an item from the luck wheel. It's a game of fortune and chances for most of the time.

Free Fire Frost Sabertooth Bundle
Frost Sabertooth Bundle is only available for a while.

However, some events do offer a guarantee that players can win the Grand Prizes after a certain number of spins. The Therion Wheel event is one of those.

Therion Wheel Event's Prize Pool

There are 10 items available in the event's prize pool, including the Frost Sabertooth bundle in Free Fire. Below is the list of rewards at Therion Wheel Event:

  • Frost Sabertooth Bundle
  • Pet Food
  • Resupply Map Playcard [3 Days]
  • The Stormbringer (Parachute Skin)
  • FAMAS – Metalic Weapon Loot Crate
  • Star General Weapon Loot Crate
  • Final Catastrophe Loot Box
  • Cube Fragment
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Disease (Surfboard Skin)
Therion Wheel Event Draws
Players can eliminate two items they don't want to obtain.

The Frost Sabertooth Bundle is one of the ten rewards available in the Therion Wheel event's prize pool. Players can choose to eliminate two items they don't want from the prize pool, leaving them with 8 remaining options in the reward list! From there, it's entirely up to your luck.

Therion Wheel Event's Prices

In order to acquire rewards, in this case, the Frost Sabertooth Bundle, from the Therion Wheel, players must spend Diamonds to make draws. The first draw has a 1/8 chance (12.5%) of giving you the Frost Sabertooth Bundle right away.

Moreover, the items in the prize pool can only be acquired once. That means if players get an item from the Therion Wheel, it will be eliminated from the prize pool. Therefore, the chance of getting the Frost Sabertooth Bundle increases as you draw more turns.

Therion Wheel Event Prizes
Players have a 1/8 chance to get any item from the prize pool.

But as the chances go up, the prices for drawing rewards rise accordingly. To be more specific, the cost of the first draw is 19 Diamonds. The second draw is 19 Diamonds, then, 29, 39, 69, 99, 199, and 499 Diamonds, respectively.

In order to help players start things more easily, Free Fire gives away the first draw for free and offers a 50% discount on the second attempt. Consequently, the second draw in the Therion Wheel event is just 9 Diamonds.

Free Fire Battle Tags
Spend your Diamonds wisely! The Rampage: New Dawn campaign is coming, too!

Therefore, players really have a chance to get the Frost Sabertooth bundle in Free Fire free of charge. A lucky gamer may get it from the first attempt. But obtaining this OB28 bundle at the second try with 9 Diamonds is not a bad deal either.

However, in case you're really unlucky, meaning you have to take all of the 8 spins, you're looking at a total of 943 Diamonds. That's quite a major setback if you ask us.

Should You Play The Therion Wheel for the Frost Sabertooth Bundle?

Absolutely yes! As far as we know, players have a 12.5% and a 14.2% chance of getting the bundle on the first and second try, respectively. And those aren't bad odds to gamble with. If you don't get the bundle, you can still get two items from the prize pool for just 9 Diamonds. That's a steal.

Therion Event Free Fire Frost Sabertooth
If you're desperate for this bundle, you can always pour in more cash.

Yet, we would advise against betting more Diamonds into this event. And we do definitely not recommend paying 943 Diamonds for the bundle unless you really want it. Just take the first two draws to try your luck and stop. It's the best way to go around this event.

How to Get The Frost Sabertooth Bundle in Free Fire

If you don't know how to access the Therion Wheel event, follow our guide right here:

  • #1: Launch Garena Free Fire. Tap the "Luck Royale" sector on the left side of the screen.
  • #2: Select the Therion Wheel. Eliminate two items you don't want.
  • #3: Make the draws and obtain your rewards. Good luck!

That's everything you need to know about the Frost Sabertooth bundle in Free Fire and how to get it for free at the Therion Wheel event. We hope our article has been of great help to you, and remember to tune in to for more!

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