Free Fire characters have distinct abilities that assist players on the field. Their skills are categorized into active and passive ones. While active abilities are those that need activating before you use them, passive skills are those that always run.

In total, there are 39 characters on the game, each having their own distinct abilities and Free Fire players can opt for any one of them.

Free Fire Moco 1
Which character has the best passive ability in Free Fire Clash Squad mode after the OB28 update?

Meanwhile, a Clash Squad mode new season has recently started. In order to win this short team arcade mode, you would not be the only one who wants to know the list of best passive ability in Free Fire Clash Squad mode after the OB28 update.

1. Bushido

Bushido is Hayato’s passive ability. At the base level, it increases the armor penetration of enemies by 7.5% for each 10% loss in your total HP.

Hayato's Bushido is powerful.

This skill enhances along with the hike of levels. It is the best passive ability in Free Fire Clash Squad mode after the OB28 version as it matches aggressive players. Moreover, it offers more damage which benefits players in close-range fights.

2. Sustained Raids

Jota’s passive skill can instantly regain 25 HP on any Shotgun or SMG skill at level 1. Its cooldown time is 5 seconds.

Sustained Raids
Jota also stand out with his skill.

Sustain Raids progress as the character has his skill lifted. Jota is an ideal character for aggressive users who aspire for kill counts.

3. Hacker's Eye

This is a passive skill of Moco in Free Fire. Hacker’s Eyes pen foes who get shot for two seconds and pass the information on to teammates.

Hackers Eye
Moco's Hacker's Eye will help you big time in the game.

The marking duration also increased with the boost of skill levels. This character is also good for Clash Squad fights as she can use her skill to warn the teammates of close-by opponents.

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4. Gear Recycle

Another best passive ability in Free Fire Clash Squad mode after the OB28 update is Gear Recycle. It belongs to Shani, and at the default level, it can regain 10-armor durability post every kill. Shani’s skill cap enhances with progress in higher levels.

Gear Recycle
Shani should be included in more lists for her passive ability.

In fact, her skill is ideal for Clash Squad fights and for both passive and aggressive players.

5. Gangster's Spirit

Antonio’s passive ability is called Gangster’s Spirit. At Level 1, this Free Fire character can increase your HP by 10 at the start of each round.

Gangsters Spirit
Don't forget Antonio and his skill named Gangster's Spirit.

This skill is also advantageous for the CS rank as gamers need extra HP prior to all rounds and gain strength over opponents while rushing.

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