While Free Fire is designed for Mobile, switching to PC can be a good idea sometimes. Smartphones are delicate devices - they are easily degraded upon constant use. The more you play Free Fire, the slower your phone would get.

There are a lot of Emulators, with Bluestacks being the easiest to access. However, if your PC can't run it, here are some alternate ways to set up Free Fire for PC without BlueStacks.

How to install Free Fire for PC without BlueStacks?

Other than BlueStacks, there are other emulators you can use to install Free Fire on PC as below.

LD Player

LD Player is one of the first Android emulators ever released. It has remained on top of the game ever since, with a lot of optimizations and specifications for PC. Because of that, LD Player's system requirements are really low and can run on most PC. It is also pretty lightweight as well - you only need less than 500 MB of storage space.

LD Player
LD Player is the lightest and easiest to use.

Nox Player

Nox Player is one of the newer Emulators on this list, and because of that, it has various high-end techs and features. However, this makes Nox rather heavy and requires a somewhat decent system to run. In exchange for this, Nox's performance is exceptional - you should be able to enjoy the best Android graphics using it.

Nox has great performance.


Memu is the biggest emulator on this list - it requires a whopping 1GB of storage space for each install. However, it has some serious firepower in exchange for that. The levels of compatibility, customization and file organization of Memu are better than some of the more well-known alternatives on the market.

Memu Play
Memu has a smart mode for hotkeys.


The last Emulator on this list, Gameloop is somewhat of a weird case. Made by Tencent, it is usually associated with PUBG Mobile. However, the thing can run Free Fire just as fast. The best part about Gameloop is that it is originally designed to work on shooter games - therefore, it has the best performance.

free fire pc version setup download
Gameloop was formerly known as Tencent gaming buddy, an emulator created for PUBG Mobile.

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How to install Free Fire for PC without emulator

Unlike other popular games currently available on the market like Genshin Impact or Fortnite, Free Fire does not have its own application on PC. In order to play Free Fire on PC without an emulator, you need to install a third-party software called ARC Welder.

It is an extension for Google Chrome - with it installed, the only thing you need to play Free Fire is your browser. Below is the download link for ARC Welder:

Just click "Add To Chrome" to download and install it automatically. After the install is completed, launch the app using the same button on the page.

ARC Welder
ARC Welder is a way to install Free Fire for PC without BlueStacks.

The App will ask you to select a directory for it to write data in. Pick whichever location as long as it is not in the C drive. Afterward, you need to download Free Fire APK using the following link. ARC Welder will ask for your APK file afterward - point it to the Free Fire APK you just downloaded.

Arc Welder Chrome App
Arc Welder Chrome App guide

You can just launch the APK using Arc Welder afterward. You should be able to play Free Fire on your browser with this software.

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Why should you play Free Fire on PC?

Playing Free Fire on PC gives players better control and overall gaming experience. You can also see an improvement in your gameplay performance thanks to the user-friendly functions. Finally, PC allows Free Fire players to stream their fight more easily.


The best part about using an emulator to play Free Fire is that you would be able to control your character more precisely with a keyboard. Aiming becomes super easy with the superior accuracy of a mouse.

mouse and keyboard
You can use mouse and keyboard on mobile but it is pretty tricky.

All other buttons of the UI can be mapped to your keyboard - you don't have to worry about having your sweaty palm on the screen anymore.


Most PC are superior to phones - you can play as much as you want on PC without having to worry about device performance. Phones get hot and run out of battery pretty fast - which reduces your gaming performance and prevent you from grinding events.

mobile device after using too long
Your device will get really hot after long period of gaming.


Streaming Free Fire is much easier on PC. You can just grab whatever streaming software available, set it up and go live on YouTube as normal. A lot of streamers exclusively use emulators on PC, as streaming on mobile is much trickier. The greatest obstacle is YouTube itself - mobile streaming requires you to have more than 1000 subscribers.

This is the end of our guide for How To Install Free Fire For PC Without BlueStacks. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post to find out more about the Top 5 Best Weapons To Use After Free Fire OB28 Update.