Garena has been constantly upgrading Free Fire to keep the game fresh for both old and new players. While adding new content is important, balance changes and tweaks are also vital in maintaining player experience. Because of this, a lot of guns are buffed or nerfed every "OB" patch.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best weapons to use after the OB28 update of Free Fire.

Top 5 Best Weapons In Free Fire OB28

1 - Kord LMG

Free Fire has been showering the Kord with buffs in the OB28 patch, as it has been performing worse than the other LMGs. The three buffs are massive: + 28% accuracy, +25% fire rate in Machine Gun Mode (MGM), and a +120% damage modifier on Gloo Walls and Vehicles.

Kord LMG
Kord LMG

When combined with the previous buff of MGM, the Kord's damage potential is now massive when crouched (+30% fire rate, 3 shots fire at once). Alongside the new pet Dr. Beanie that buff crouching, you might as well use this gun and the MGM mode to grind through all those gloo walls and enemies.

2 - Kar98k

With the advent of the new DMR class and the popularity of the other sniper rifles, the Kar98k is often ignored prior to OB28. The patch has greatly buffed the potential damage of the weapon, giving it +25% damage to limbs and 40% armor penetration. While its body damage is reduced a little, the AP increase more than made up for it.

Kar98k Rebel Academy
Kar98k Rebel Academy

The extra damage will let Kar98k users trade much easier against other snipers.

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3 - M60

The M60 receives a huge buff in the form of MGM in OB27, with a +28% fire rate. In this patch, the MGM also increases the weapon's damage by 5 as well - which plays a massive role in improving its damage potential.

Captain Bubbles M60 Free Fire
Captain Bubbles M60 Free Fire

It is best to just give this weapon a try. While getting used to the MGM might be difficult, the rewards are definitely great.

4 - MAG-7

With this patch focusing on close-range fights with the introduction of the new D-Bee character, the MAG-7 might be able to shine among all weapons in Free Fire OB28. With the 35% extra accuracy on jumpshoots, you should be able to headshot your foes with this shotgun much easier.

Mag-7 in Free Fire
Mag-7 in Free Fire

Its accuracy was also buffed greatly in the previous patch as well - both general and moving.

5 - SVD

With the release of Maro, buff to Laura and Rafael's skill rework, DMRs in Free Fire OB28 are stronger than ever. Amongst them, the SVD is the best marksman rifle to use due to its higher range and damage potential. The only weakness of this gun is its rarity - you might not be able to find it every match.

Svd Swordsman Legends Free Fire
SVD Swordsman Legends

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