Squad mode is probably the main method of playing Battle Royale games like Free Fire in general, with tournaments all using that format. However, not everyone has enough friends to create a full squad to play ranked - you have to match with randoms on the internet pretty frequently.

Coordinate effectively with strangers is pretty hard - especially when they don't have voice chat. In this article, we are going to show you how to work with randomly matched teammates in Free Fire effectively.

Squad mode is how Free Fire meant to be played
Squad mode is how Free Fire meant to be played

1 - Focus on defense

The lack of effective communication when playing Squad Mode in Free Fire makes going on the offense a struggle - it is best to play defensively. Be patient, stick together and camp an area while watching each other's blind spot. If someone leaves the formation, another player should follow for backup. Baits are important - have one player act normal while another sitting in a corner to create an ambush.

Focus on defense
Camping is easier than going on the offensive.

2 - Know each other's skills and scout for enemies'

Try to take note of whichever ability your squad has in order to play around them. For example, the guy with Chrono can go for close-range fights with a weapon like a shotgun without having to worry about dealing with multiple foes. You can back him up with an AR to finish off enemies if they managed to run out of the shotgun's range.

Know the skills of your team and try to scout for enemies'
Know the skills of your team and try to scout for enemies.

If you see an enemy wasting their long cooldown ability, notice your team - you can try to push later if yours are still online.

3 - Always commit fully to a plan

In squad mode, when someone commits to a fight, you have to back him up, especially when the guy is a random on the internet. This is not really a good idea, but still better than leaving the guy to die alone. Pick a team leader amongst you to call the shot - it is best to follow one plan, even if it is a mediocre one.

Always commit fully to a plan
Always commit fully to a plan - never stop halfway in Free Fire squad mode

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4 - Don't forget to rotate to a different area

In lower ranks, players will most of the time fully commit to whatever the first area they are in. The higher the rank you are at, the more likely you will get punished for not rotating fast enough. Try to move to other locations if nothing happened for a while.

Rotate often
Rotate when needed

5 - Use sniper rifles to control an area

The AWM and other weapons in the sniper class are incredibly strong in solo queue. It takes a decent amount of communication and coordination to play against one, and those two things just do not exist in solo matchmaking. If you are going to peek a long angle early, do it with a Sniper rifle.

Snipers are important resources
Snipers are important resources in Free Fire squad mode

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