Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile battle royal titles in the world. Apart from the battle royale mode, there is also another mode that is very popular among Free Fire players, the Clash Squad mode. People love Clash Squad mode so much that Free Fire even has a Ranked Clash Squad mode.

 How To Play Free Fire Clash Squad

The gameplay of Clash Squad is totally different than the Battle Royale with a complete pace so it might throw you off if you are new to this mode. So we have made this ultimate how to play Clash Squad in Free Fire guide that will show you everything about the Clash Squad mode in Free Fire from the most basic things to the most advanced tips to dominate this mode.

1. How To Play Clash Squad In Free Fire

The Clash Squad mode was introduced to Free Fire on the 2nd anniversary of Free Fire. The first Ranked season of the Clash Squad mode started in April 2020.

There are 8 players split into 2 teams of 4 in a Clash Squad match. The 2 teams will fight each other in a BO7 match (which team wins 4 rounds first wins the match). The matches are set in a random small location on Bermuda so the pace of the mode is much faster than the Battle Royle mode.

Image 2 How To Play Free Fire Clash Squad

Players won't pick up weapons and items on the ground in Clash Squad mode. Instead, at the start of each round, players can buy weapons items at the start of each round using their money. You can get more money by winning rounds and killing enemies.

Each round lasts for 2 and a half minutes. The zone will stay still in the 30 seconds and then shrink slowly afterward.

2. Free Fire Best Clash Squad Characters


Alok is one of the best characters in Free Fire with a skill that regens your HP and increases your movement speed. Alok is not only a great character in the battle royale mode but the clash squad mode as well.

Alok Free Fire


Jota's skill will give you 40 HP instantly if you kill an enemy using a shotgun or SMG. Since the map of the Clash Squad mode is small, these 2 types of weapons are really strong here. Plus, Free Fire just got a new Vector SMG, a very powerful close weapon.

Jota Free Fire


Antonio's skill increases your Max HP by 35 HP at the start of the match, making it harder to kill you. This skill is simple and good in every situation and game mode.

Free Frie Antonio


K is the master of control EP as he can increase EP automatically every second or consume EP quickly to heal. The ability to heal quickly is really good in such a fast-paced mode as the Clash Squad mode.


Chrono is one of the new characters in the OB25 update of Free Fire. His skill creates a force field that can block 500 damage from all directions. This force field is static but you can shot outside enemies while inside it.

Free Fire Chrono

3. Free Fire Best Clash Squad Pets

Detective Panda

Detective Panda will give you 7 HP after you get a kill, which is great so you can fight continuously while keeping your HP high.

Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor will create a Gloo Wall every 100s if you don't have one. Mr. Waggor will save you some money buying Gloo Wall, a powerful tool that can be used to both attack and defense.

Free Fire Mr Waggor


Ottero will give you EP equal to 50% of the amount you heal from Med Kit.  Just simply more sustainment so you can stay in the fight longer.

4. Free Fire Clash Squad Tips And Tricks

The Clash Squad mode sometimes can be even more than the battle royale mode even though it is 4 vs 4. You will have to be in fighting mode all the time.

Here are some important tips and tricks for you in Clash Squad mode to get the upper hand over the enemies.

  • Make use of Smoke Grenade wisely to save your teammate, to rush enemies, or to get into the shrinking zone.
  • You need to constantly communicate with your teammates about the strategy of your team and the status of enemies. Sometimes, a good piece of information can win you the whole match.
  • Since your money is limited, you need to really consider what you buy each round. If your team doesn't have much money, it is best to give up a round and not buying anything to save up for the next round.

How To Play Clash Squad Free Fire

  • There are certain positions on the map that will give you more advantage, but you need to move fast can capture those positions first.
  • Go together with at least a teammate so they can back you up should something bad happens.

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