Free Fire is a popular battle royale game published by Garena in 2017. The game attracts hundreds of millions of players from all around the world. Free Fire has a fast-paced battle royale gameplay with unique features such as the character system and weapon skins.

In order to keep the game fresh for players, Garena releases new events and updates frequently. Now, a new update, the OB 25 update is coming to the game, bringing tons of new changes to the game.

Here in this article, we will show you Free Fire OB 25 update date and changes that it will bring to the game.

1. Free Fire OB25 Update Date

Free Fire has just revealed the release date for the OB25 update on their Facebook fan page. This update will be called Operation Chrono: Be The Legend. The Free Fire OB 25 update date is December 7. The update is expected to have a size of about 800 MB.

Free Fire Ob25 update date
Free Fire Ob25 update date is set to be on December 7

2. New Character Chrono

There will be a new male character called Chrono in the next update. He is a bounty hunter who has the power to manipulate time. His skill is called Time Turner, which increases his movement speed by a massive amount. When activated, the skill will create a static field that can block 500 damage for 10 seconds. Players inside the field can shot at the enemy outside.

Free Fire Chrono 93c6
The new Chrono character can create a force field that blocks 500 damage

Just by looking at his skills, we can easily say that Chrono will be among one of the best characters in Free Fire, especially in Solo mode. It is literally impossible for other players to break the shield of Chrono alone and they are forced to run away, which is also hard because of the great movement speed of this character.

3. New Character Snowelle

Snowelle is a nanotech expert. She was the one who created A124 and released her from the lab. Her skill is called Nano Nerves. When activated, enemies who got shot by Snowelle will not be able to use their active skills or convert EP into HP. Since Alok and K are 2 really hot characters with powerful active skills at the moment, Snowelle can become a hot character to counter them.

4. New Weapons

The Vector appeared in the Free Fire during the Beta period but it was removed from the game when the game was released. Now it is making a comeback in the OB25 update. The Vector will be the first dual-wielding guns in Free Fire.

Free Fire Ob25 Vector
Vector will be the first dual-wielding weapons in Free Fire

The Vector is a strong SMG but it only has 19 ammo per magazine, which is its biggest weakness. Here are the details about the Vector.

  • Damage: 22
  • Magazine: 25
  • Rate of fire: 0.08

Vector Free Fire Gameplay B5de

There will be also a new melee weapon, the Scythe, coming in the OB25 update.

5. New Baboon Pet

A new Baboon pet will be added to the pet roster of Free Fire in the next update. This pet's skill allows the player to throw Gloo Wall, Grenade, Smoke Grenade farther away. While this skill is not as powerful as other pets, it is quite helpful in a lot of situations, especially if you have mastered the grenade throwing skill in Free Fire.

Brabuino Df43
This pet's skill allows the player to throw Gloo Wall, Grenade, Smoke Grenade farther away

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6. New Features

Weapon Vending Machine

Normally players in the battle royale mode will have to pick up weapons randomly on the round. But in the next update, players will be able to buy weapons and items from special vending machines around the map. You will need to collect tokens spawn randomly on the map to buy weapons and items from the vending machine.

Free Fire Vending Machine 0a1e
Players can buy weapons and items from the vending machine

Different Weapon Version

In the OB 25 update, players will be able to pick up different special versions of normals weapons. These weapons will come with a special attachment of their own that boost their power more than usual and cannot be replaced.

7. New Cosmic Race Mode

The OB25 update will feature a new Cosmic Race Mode, where players will fight the battle royale on a futuristic vehicle and engage in high-speed combats. Players can pick up items to upgrade their vehicles and have more powerful weapons.

Free Fire Cosmic Race
In Free Fire Cosmic Race, players will be having high-speed combats

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