The Advanced server of Free Fire has opened for players to test out the new update. Apart from the new characters, pets, and weapons, we are going to have a new racing mode called the Cosmic Race mode. Instead of jumping off the plane with a parachute, you will be jumping off the plane on a futuristic vehicle instead to battle other players.

Here is everything you need to know about the Cosmic Race mode.

Free Fire Cosmic Race Mode

The cosmic race mode will be played on Bermuda in Duo mode. There are 2 players in a team so one will control the vehicle while the other does the shooting.

Your vehicle will start at Level 1 with a SCAR as the weapon for the backseat player. The goal of the same as you try to be the last surviving team. There will be items such as Med Kit, ammo, Amor, Helmet... appear randomly on the map for you to pick up. These items will also drop when you take down other teams.

New Mode Cosmic Race Advance Server Free Fire 0 6
You will drop from the plane in a vehicle with a SCAR

The most important item you need to look for is the Level Up. This item will upgrade your vehicle and give your team more powerful weapons such as the M249 and the M79, RGS50 grenade launcher.

New Mode Cosmic Race Advance Server Free Fire 0 46
You will have more powerful weapons when you level up your vehicle

Your vehicle will have 200 HP and you will have 100 HP. If either HP bar goes to zero, both of you will die and lose the match.

You can switch seats with the other player any time but it will take 3 seconds so remember to do it in safe places.

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