Strategy game has always a really big genre in the gaming world with many die-hard fans. These games don't require players to have any super reflex-like action games while still being super enjoyable. They can suck you in for hours and hours before you notice, a great way to make your spare time enjoyable.

Here, we will introduce to you the top 5 best Android strategy games offline that you can enjoy any time even if you don't have an internet connection.

1. Kingdom Rush Series

Kingdom Rush is very one classic tower defense game on Android. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world with cute hand-drawn graphics.

There are various types of towers in the Kingdom Rush series, each has its own perks and upgrade. The same goes for enemies. You will face waves of enemies with skills that can throw you off if you aren't careful.

Best Android Strategy Games Offline
Kingdom Rush is one of the best tower defense game series ever

But Kingdom Rush is not just about the towers like other games. You can control your own Heroes in matches and stop enemies on their track. The game features a large collection of Heroes, each with their own strengths, skills, that can be used in different ways. Similarly, you will have to face bosses who can wreak havoc and breakthrough your defense in a variety of ways.

Between missions, you can spend your gold to upgrade your towers and Heroes, and skills.

All in all, you will enjoy every minute of playing the Kingdom Rush Series as you do not just plan out the battle but joining the battle yourselves in real-time.

2. Plant vs Zombie

Plant vs Zombie offers one of the most unique tower defense experience and has set itself as one of the best tower defense games. The game takes the settings of a post-apocalyptic world, where the world is filled with zombies. You will be playing as a homeowner who is trying to defend their home from zombies by planting plants that can shot bullets.

Plant Vs Zombie
Plant Vs Zombie features very unique settings as well as gameplay

Zombies will approach the house from different lanes and you must put plants on these lanes so no zombie can get into the house. There are various types of plants and zombies with unique traits. You can unlock more powerful types of plants by collecting coins during matches.

Apart from the main Adventure mode, there are other modes such as Puzzles, Survival, Minigames, Zen Garden.

3. Alien Creeps TD

Alien Creeps TD is all about frenzy battles with Hordes of tricky enemies. You will get access to the most advanced technology to explode enemies into pieces with Lightning bolts, Bombs, Helicopters, Explosions.

Alien Creeps Td
Alien Creeps TD is just a simple, great and fun tower defense game to play

The game provides a classic tower defense gameplay with a fixed path for enemies to go through. You can build towers that can deal damage or create troops to block the path. Money can be earned from killing enemies to upgrade and build more towers.

You can use powerful special skills such as Airstrikes and Reinforcement in critical situations to get yourselves out of it.

4. Plague Inc.

Instead of being the hero and save the day, in Plague Inc., you will be the bad guy who is trying to develop a kind of virus that will put the world into trouble.

Plague Inc Evolved
You will be playing the bad guy to create a virus that will drive the world into chaos

At first, you will be assigned to a harmless microorganism to evolve it until it becomes a worldwide threat that can destroy the whole of humanity. The sale of Plague Inc. has been skyrocketed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in China, where it got banned eventually.

By playing the game, you will understand more about how a virus can be spread around the world and especially how important it is to wear a mask.

5. XCOM®: Enemy Within

Every strategy fans would know about the famous XCOM series as it is one of the best turn-based strategy game series. Now it is available on Android for fans to play whenever they want.

XCOM®: Enemy Within is a standalone expansion to the 2012 strategy game of the year XCOM®: Enemy Unknown. You will act as the commander of a specialist team to prevent aliens from taking over the earth. You take turns to move your character to a designated area and use their weapons to take down enemies.

Between missions, players can go back to the base to unlock new abilities and make upgrades.

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