Free Fire is getting a new OB25 update with tons of new exciting features such as new characters, a new pet, a new weapon,... Now, we have just found out that there will be a new feature called the Vending Machine in the Battle Royale mode. Normally, a Vending machine gives you food and drink when you put the money in, but this Vending machine will give you weapons instead.

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The new OB25 update is coming to Free Fire with new cool features

New Feature - Vending Machine

As mentioned. the new Vending machine will let players buy weapons and items in the Battle Royale mode. There are 4 weapons and 3 items in the new Vending machine including Grenade, M82B, M4A1, AK, FAMAS, AR ammo, Gloo Wall, and Med Kit. Items in the Vending machine are limited so if someone already bought an item, other players won't be able to buy the same item from that Vending machine anymore.

Free Fire Vending Machine
Players will be able to buy items and weapons in the new Vending machine

In order to buy items from the Vending machine, you need a special Token that you can find randomly on the map. Here are the prices of weapons and items in the Vending machine.

  • Grenades: 1 token
  • AR Ammo: 1 token
  • Gloo Wall: 1 token
  • Med Kit: 5 tokens
  • M82B: 5 tokens
  • M4A1: 1 token
  • AK: 2 tokens
  • Famas: 3 tokens

Note that the price of items in the Vending machine might be different when it hits the live server of Free Fire.

About the location of the Vending machine, it is not sure that it will be staying in a fixed location or randomly around the match. There is a white sign above the Vending machine, making it easier to spot on the map.

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