A new season of Clash Squad has finally begun, with everyone's ranks getting reset to Gold 3 or lower. The beginning of the season is also the easiest time to climb the ranks. Therefore, in this article, we are going to list out the best tips and tricks to rank up quickly in Free Fire Clash Squad Season 7.

1 - Stick together

Never go alone. It is best to bring at least one teammate with you. With the cover fire of another person, your chance for kills would increase. Two people focus fire on one target would take them out quicker.

Stay close to your team
Stay close to your team

Most squad sticks together. However, just don't stay too close - you need to evade grenades.

2 - Take strong positions

At the start, you need to spot out strong hideouts on the map and make a beeline toward them immediately. High grounds are often the best picks, as they give you vantage points and partial covers against enemy fires.

Get the high ground
Get the high ground

3 - Be decisive

Time is of the essence as the rounds are really short. You have about 20 seconds to buy some gears and get going and the circle will slowly shrink in the next 2.5 minutes. Don't spend too much time deciding on purchases or direction - try to pick a plan and go with it. You may also need to practice moving faster around the map to save time.

Be decisive
Pick a plan before moving out

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4 - Manage your economy

You get money after each kill, but the main prize is for winning the round. To come back after a loss, you need to be thrifty with your finances:

  • Unless you got some kills in the previous round, don't buy any armor. You need an affordable rifle to be effective in combat.
  • You can also go the SMG + vest route and try to rush your enemy as fast as possible. SMGs are just as strong as rifles in their effective range.
Clash Squad shop
Clash Squad shop

If you are ahead, it is best to spend your money to get as much advantage as possible:

  • Don't be afraid to get armor, make use of gloo walls, grenades, or smoke. These utility items would let your team push the advantage in the round, with the smoke being super effective against enemy rushes.
  • Buying an expensive weapon immediately is also a good idea. There is a reason that they are priced high in Clash Squad.
  • Share weapons with your teammates if you are far ahead of them.

5 - Character combinations

Some characters are very useful in this mode, while others are useless. Try to pick characters who can restore HP or EP like K, Alok, A124, and Jota, as healing costs money in Clash Squad. Characters whose skills are useless in this mode like Notora or Misha must be avoided.

Dj Alok Drop The Beat
Use a good character combination in Free Fire Clash Squad.

About Clash Squad Season 7

Clash Squad season 7 has already started yesterday on June 9. For each Clash Squad Season, Garena gives away a Golden skin for a weapon... and for season 7 it's the M1014. All players' ranks were reset - everyone dropped down to a certain rank based on their previous tier.

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