A lot of Free Fire players are using the left fire button. However, they may not know these secret tips and tricks to use this button effectively in this shooting game. Here are the top 5 tips and tricks for the left fire button in Free Fire from Gurugamer.com. Take a look!

#1. Left Fire Button For Grenades

You can use the fire button to throw grenades. If you don't want to cook grenades, yes should use the left fire button. For example, use this fire button to throw the grenade instantly to cover. There is a small point in front of your character to determine the direction of the grenade.

Throw Grenade While Jumping
Throw Grenade Forwards While Jumping To Dodge Bullets When Spotting Enemies In Front Of You.

It also helps you a lot in panic situations. For example, when you spot enemies in front of you, tap the jump button on the right and throw Gloo Wall grenades instantly with the left fire button to make an instant cover.

#2. For Drag Headshots

This button is more convenient for drag headshots in Free Fire. Meanwhile, the right direct finger and thumb open the scope and tap the movement buttons, such as jump, crouch, prone, and climb. Therefore, you should tap the left fire button right away when dragging the crosshair to the enemies' heads.

Drag Headshot
Drag Headshot Quickly When Spotting Enemies Behind You

You can also tap the right fire button to headshot normally but you cannot drag the crosshair with the right fire button. The right fire button is not combined with the camera angle adjustment feature like the left one.

#3. Jump Headshot

You can also jump and headshot professionally when using the left fire button. Firstly, the left fire button also lets you drag and adjust the crosshair. Secondly, Free Fire players often place the jump button on the right side of the phone screen. Therefore, it will be easier to tap the fire button and the jump button simultaneously when they are on two different sides.

Jump Headshot Quickly
Tap These Two Button Simultaneously To Jump And Kill The Target Quickly With A Headshot Quickly

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#4. Back Cover

The fire button on the left side also lets you turn back and throw Gloo wall grenades quickly. You can put the Gloo wall in the place you want when using this button to throw the Gloo wall grenade. Then, players will have a good cover in their back. Jump while cooking and placing the shield.

Jump And Place Gloo Walls Backwards
Jump And Place Gloo Walls Backward To Make A Cover Behind When Being Chased.

#5. Surrounding Gloo Walls

You can place Gloo walls around you when cooking Gloo wall grenades with this fire button without having to turn around. You can spin the camera view around your character to spot enemies behind or two sides while adjusting the places of Gloo walls around you. Then, you can reflex quickly if someone wants to attack you from your back.

However, the power of the left fire button in Free Fire is more obvious in the mobile version. If you play this game on a PC emulator, you will adjust the camera by the mouse and fire by pressing the assigned key on the keyboard.

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