Players can choose different game modes to play in Garena Free Fire. Clash Squad and Battle Royale are two of the most popular modes in this fast-paced Battle Royale title. 

In the Clash Squad mode, players are divided into two teams of 4. Each team aims at eliminating the opponents in a best of 7. Let's check out the three useful tips that could help you win more games in Clash Squad mode. 

#1 Coordination Is Key

In Free Fire's Clash Squad mode, players have the credit to purchase all the items for a match. You and your team need to be on point when it comes to spending credit on weapons, utilities, and more before the round begins.

Communicate with your team to make co-ordinated purchases to maintain the balance of credits. Those with more credit in the team can purchase and drop items for other teammates.

Make The Coordinated Choices
Make The Coordinated Choices

Work with your team to achieve the best results in the Clash Squad mode. Play accordingly to the shot-caller of the team, support and cover other members of the squad whenever you can.

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#2 Combo The Character

The character system holds a very important role in Garena Free Fire. On the right hand, their special abilities can easily change the course of the game. There are currently 37 characters available in the game, with the latest ones being Skyler and Shirou.

It's essential to combine your characters' skills if you really want to win. Choose a versatile and powerful character as your main. Or if you have a really good player in the team, build a roster around him to provide the best support. For instance, choose Chrono, Jai, Jota, or Shirou for the aggressive playstyle.

Characters in Garena Free Fire

However, you should not use Misha, Notora, and Wukong in the Free Fire's Clash Squad mode, since their abilities are not effective. And if you want to gain an early advantage from the 1st round, pick Kla! His ability increases fist damage by 400%. Jump right in and deliver a killing blow to your enemies.

#3 Do Not Rush Early

In the early game, play it safe. Rushing into fights early can lose you a teammate right in the first round. Instead, focus on taking control and capturing important locations. This will give your team a strategic advantage over the opponents. Wait for the right time to strike.

Free Fire Clash Squad Tips Rush
Play Safe And Wait For The Opportunity

​By following our tips here, you should be dominating Free Fire Clash Squad mode in no time!

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