Free Fire is having an upcoming update and it's going to bring huge changes to the game. In this article, we are going to show you the most noticeable changes in the OB31 update in Free Fire.

1. New Snow Map

For the first time, there will be snow in Free Fire. In the next update, Garena will bring some snow to Bermuda, but only for Samurai Garden. The whole island will be covered in snow.

The ground, house's roofs, and all the Cherry blossoms will turn white, creating quite a sight to enjoy. It is likely that Samurai Garden will become the favorite dropping location for many players in the next update.

Snow Samurai Garden
There will be snow in the Samurai Garden in the next update.

2. New Pets

A total of 2 new pets has been leaked in the OB31 Advanced Servers of Free Fire. One is a rabbit pet called Agent Hop. It can gain you 50 extra EP whenever the safe zone shrinks, which is quite a great amount of free healing.

Agent Hop Pet 1
The Agent Hop Pet can give you 50 EP every time the safe zone shrinks.

The other pet is the Yeti pet. This pet reduces 30% of damage taken from explosives every 90 seconds. This ability is only helpful in certain situations, but Frag Grenades are also very powerful weapons so this pet is not too bad.

Novo Pet Yeti Free Fire
The new Yeti pet in Free Fire can reduce explosive damage that hit you.

3. New Character

There is a new Mysterious character that got leaked. This character has a passive ability called Ice Iron. This ability heals your Gloo Wall by 10%/s of the current durability. In addition, you get a 20% damage bonus for your ARs when shooting a Gloo Wall. Overall, this is an okay-ish ability.

It is not too hard to get many Gloo Walls in the game now so you can just deploy more Gloo Walls for extra protection. The bonus damage on Gloo Walls only apply for ARs and doesn't work on Chrono's shield, so it is not very good.

New Character Free Fire
The new Mysterious character gives your Gloo Walls regeneration and increases your ARs damage on Gloo Walls.

4. Akimbo Mode for all guns

There will be a new item in Free Fire called the Akimbo Activator. When you equip this item, you can hold and use any combination of any weapon. It could be 1 shotgun with 1 SMG or 2 shotguns,... It sounds like the Akimbo Activator is a very powerful item. That's why this item will be only available in a special mode.

Free Fire Akimbo Ob31
You can hold any use any combination of 2 weapons in Free Fire at the same time with the Akimbo Activator.

5. MAC-10 SMG

The OB31 update will also bring a new SMG into the game. This new SMG is called MAC-10. The MAC-10 is an overall balanced weapon that comes with a silencer by default. The weapon has a good rate of fire and high damage.

Just like other SMG, the damage and the accuracy are the MAC-10 will reduce significantly when the target is far away.

Mac 10 Free Fire
The new MAC-10 SMG comes with a built-in Silencer.

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