The Free Fire OB31 update is only a few weeks away. More and more information about the update is being revealed slowly.

Since it is a big update, we all expect that there will be a lot of new things and changes, but this one will absolutely blow your mind. Players will be able to active the Akimbo mode for certain guns, other than the Vector, using an item called the Akimbo Activator. You can check out more details about it below.

New Free Fire Akimbo Activator item

In some of the Free Fire OB31 leak videos on YouTube about the OB31 update in Free Fire, they revealed that there will be a new item called the "Akimbo Activator". It is a glove that gives players the ability to activate the Akimbo mode for certain weapons, including the M1887, AWM, MP40.

Free Fire Akimbo Activator
You can hold 2 AWM at the same time with the new Akimbo Activator glove.

These are all very powerful weapons and they would definitely be unstoppable if you can use 2 of them at the same time.

There is also another Sleeve item that allows you to hold 2 different items at the same time. There is not much information but you probably will only be able to hold 2 different guns of the same types such as 2 sniper rifles or 2 shotguns.

Akimbo Activator
New Akimbo Activator items in Free Fire.

It is not sure how these 2 new items work or how you will be able to obtain them yet. But with such as high power level, they will probably be super rare to obtain. More information about them will be revealed when the Free Fire OB31 Advanced Server opens. Stay tuned and we will update you with the latest Free Fire OB31 leak as soon as possible.

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