Otho has eventually been up for grabs in Free Fire. The character has a similar ability to Shirou and Moco’s which is revealing the opponents’ location. As soon as a new character is released in the game, they will most likely be compared to the oldest in-game name – DJ Alok.

With his special ability and connection to death, Otho Free Fire is making fans question whether he can be a better choice than the famous DJ Alok. Read on for more analysis.

Otho Vs Dj Alok
Can Otho be better than DJ Alok?

Otho vs DJ Alok: Abilities

1. Otho

Otho is currently the newest Free Fire character. His passive skill is called Memory Pist and is especially useful when players want to look for scattered enemies. After an opponent gets eliminated, his ability will activate and unveil the whereabouts of left enemies in a specific radius.

At the default level, opponents who are within 25 meters from the elimination spot will be discovered. The radius will enhance to 50 meters when the skill reaches max level 6. This information can be shared with your teammates, letting them quickly knock the stragglers down.

Otho Skill
"Death is just another learning experience."

2. DJ Alok

DJ Alok has been part of Free Fire since forever. Added in November 2019, the character soon became a hit and remains a fan favorite even now. His active skill can create a 5m aura which increases the speed of movement and restores 5 HP each second.

At level 1, his ability occurs for 5 seconds and boosts the speed of movement by 10%. At the maximum level, it lasts for 10 seconds while the movement speed increases by 15%.

Moreover, the aura radius is 5 meters flat with the HP recovery, DJ Alok’s skill has a 45-second cooldown time.

Dj Alok Drop The Beat
The active skill Drop The Beat of DJ Alok

The two characters’ skills are both useful. To dig deeper and signify who is better between Otho and DJ Alok, let’s compare their combat uses.

Otho vs DJ Alok in Combat

1. Otho

Otho’s skill is more oriented to tactical benefits than combat boosts. Memory Pist’s main task is to find enemies and reveal where they hide. However, you can make good use of it by planning how and where to approach these fatal targets.

Otho helps players detect the location of enemies.

2. DJ Alok

On another hand, DJ Alok’s Drop The Beat is directly made for combat boost. The skill is all about fast movement and healing. In rushes during the game, it will excel at buffing allies and protecting them.


Although Otho is a useful character in Free Fire, DJ Alok is a better choice on the whole. Compared to the latter’s active healing and speed boost, Otho’s ability to spot enemies falls short when it comes to combat.

Having said that, the ability does excel at its own uses. In closes areas with spots to hide or during house combat, players can easily find the enemies with this skill. While it may not help players as thoroughly as Drop The Beat, it can benefit in certain circumstances.

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