To celebrate Booyah Day in Free Fire, Garena is going to release a bunch of new events for players to enjoy as well as claiming different themed rewards. In this article, we are going to show you how to get the Booyah Day Pan skin for free from the upcoming 'Booyah On Weekends' event.

Free Fire Booyah On Weekends event

Event duration: November 20 to November 21

In this event, players can claim Booyah Dice tokens, vouchers, and a Booyah Day Pan skin by completing missions given by the event. Here are the details and the rewards for the event:

  • Booyah 1 time - 10 Booyah Dice token
  • Booyah 3 times - 20 Booyah Dice token
  • Booyah 5 times - Booyah Day Pan skin
  • Booyah 7 times - Incubator Voucher and Weapon Royale Voucher

To complete the missions in this event, players can achieve Booyahs in different modes. It doesn't have to be the Battle Royale mode. The Clash Squad mode is always a better choice to complete this event since you are only fighting against one other team. In addition, Clash Squad matches are much shorter, which saves you a lot of time.

Booyah On Weekend Event
Join the Free Fire Booyah On Weekend event to earn the Booyah Day Pan skin.

What can you do with the Booyah Dice token?

Players can use Booyah Dice tokens to exchange for different rewards in the Booyah Store. There are many Booyah Day-themed rewards in the Booyah Store such as Parachute skin, avatar, bat skin,... as well as other common items.

On November 20, the Premium Store in the Booyah Store will open for more rewards. Players can claim the Monster Truck Booyah Day skin and the Spirit of Booyah Bundle.

Booyah Store Free Fire
You can exchange Booyah Dice tokens for different rewards in the Booyah Store Free Fire.

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