The Booyah Day event 2021 is going to hit its peak on November 20, with the release of multiple new events and content. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about the upcoming Booyah Peak Day in Free Fire.

1. Free Fire new character Leon's debut

Free Fire's latest character, Leon, is going to be released on November 20. He is a college student and basketball player who always puts his family first. The special part about Leon is that he has a mechanical leg, with his real one getting amputated in an accident. Instead of becoming depressed, Leon rises to the challenges and becomes stronger.

Free Fire new character Leon
Free Fire new character Leon is going to be super popular with all types of players.

Players will be able to get Leon for Free by logging into the game on Booyah Peak Day November 20.

2. Booyah Day Items Collection

Alongside Leon, Garena also releases a Booyah Day Item Collection, which includes themed costume sets:

Alpha Flameborn Costume

This is Leon's unique costume, featuring his mechanical leg and futuristic outfit. The best part of the set is probably his flaming hair, which likely draws inspiration from anime character Son Goku.

Alpha Flameborn Costume
Alpha Flameborn Costume is one of the best outfits released in Free Fire this year.

Skull King

Skull King is a male set with connectors that emit a purple lightning effect. The best part of the set is probably its skull mask.

Skull King
Skull King set has a badass long coat.

Mist Queen

Mist Queen is the female counterpart of the skull king set, however, her theme is purple mist instead of lightning. The best part of the set is probably her long coat.

Mist Queen
Mist Queen is actually less revealing than the usual Free Fire set.

Evo Gun

The new Booyah Day UMP is going to be the newest Evo gun in Free Fire, and the first Evo skin with a golden theme. It is a futuristic weapon with silver, black and orange colors, alongside a blocky design. The effects and shape of the skin change as you level it up.

Players will need to collect Evo Tokens from events or buy them in order to unlock the weapon's full potential.

Booyah Day UMP
Booyah Day UMP is going to be a top tier weapon.

Gloo Wall and Backpack

The exclusive Backpack and Gloo Wall actually look really good. The former is a skull with two golden wings, alongside a glowing golden effect.

Gloo Wall and Backpack
The event's exclusive Gloo Wall and Backpack in Booyah Peak Day

3. Battle in Style - short video

Garena is going to release a Free Fire short video named Battle in Style for Booyah Peak Day, specifically for the Indian market. Players can find out more about it on the official YouTube channel of Free Fire India. The short will unlock on November 21.

battle in style short video
The battle in style short video is designed for the Indian market.

Furthermore, players will also get a theatrical performance by T.R.A.P. on November 27. T.R.A.P. is a Free Fire virtual band, consist of Moco, Antonio, Miguel, and Kelly.

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